Globalizing Business

Globalization Terms

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Globalizing Business by Mind Map: Globalizing Business

1. does not mean the same as

1.1. Globalization

1.1.1. which implies Opening up the economy for: Foreign direct investment Integration of the economy of the country with the rest of the world economy.

1.1.2. its stages are: Exporting through dealers in home country. Exporting directly. Establishing production & marketing operations in foreign countries. Replicating foreign companies in their country with facilities. Serving needs of foreign customers just like local companies. these stages let us differentiate between International Business Multinational Enterprise these companies that operate internationally occur in costs that companies which only operate locally don´t have. These are: these companies also have figures such as:

1.1.3. its components are: Globalization of markets which enables Globalization of Production which benefits from Globalization of Investments which allows Globalization of Technology which means

1.1.4. its methods are: Exporting directly Joint Ventures Mergers Strategic alliances Establishing manufacturing facilities Establishing full-marketing facilities Exporting indirectly Licensing/Franchising Contract manufacturing

1.1.5. in which countries are measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is defined as Purchasing Power Parity which is defined as

1.1.6. created the basis for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) which are

1.1.7. all these enable for the existance of International Premium Rates, products, situations that enable special prices for internationalization.

2. Has existed since the beginnning of history, it means commerce between two countries.