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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Strategies I would use in my classroom:

1.1. Process & Product Portfolio's

1.1.1. Student-teacher conferences

1.1.2. Anecdotal Records

1.1.3. Observation

1.2. Performances

1.2.1. Rubric

1.2.2. Checklist

1.2.3. Self and peer assessment (using technology)

1.3. Descriptive, Timely Feedback

1.3.1. Outlining what was done well, what needs improvement, and how to improve

2. FOR Learning

2.1. Teachers develop learning goals and share with students

2.2. Teacher and students develop a success criteria for students to know how to attain their goal

2.3. Self assessment - to find out what they know!

2.4. Use assessment to inform instruction, guide next steps, and help students monitor their progress towards achieving their learning goals

3. AS Learning

3.1. Music journals

3.2. Peer assessment

3.3. Self assessment

3.3.1. Individual Goal Setting

3.4. Ongoing descriptive feedback

3.4.1. Timely feedback

4. OF Learning

4.1. Observations

4.1.1. Students day-to-day performances Work habits and attitudes towards music

4.2. Conversations

4.3. Student Work

4.3.1. Portfolios Process Portfolio Product Portfolio

4.3.2. Performances

4.4. Assessment Strategies

4.4.1. Student teacher conferences, rubrics, checklists, anecdotal records, observation, questioning

4.5. Timely, descriptive feedback

5. Foreseeable Challenges

5.1. Getting students used to producing/compiling portfolio's (requires responsibility on their part for making sure it is organized and not lost!)

5.2. Having students be consistent and honest in their reflections (music journals)