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Mindset Content by Mind Map: Mindset Content

1. Fear

1.1. What is causing your fear?

1.1.1. First time you notice it?

1.2. How does it make you feel?

1.2.1. ex. nervous, sick ect...

1.3. How would things look if you just did it?

1.3.1. Life without fear

1.4. End result=The ability to become unstuck due to fear

2. Self-Talk

2.1. What are you saying to yourself?

2.2. negative talk & positive talk

2.3. Repeat daily affirmations

2.4. End Result=To change the negative view of oneself to a positive view

3. group coaching, worksheets, videos and laser session

3.1. Online coaching groups up to 10ppl

3.1.1. 4 week program

3.2. Video training once a week

3.3. Worksheets=goal setting, vision blockers, Mindset funnel

3.4. End Result=To move ppl from a negative mindset to a positive mindset that changes their life

4. New Habits

4.1. 30 challenge

4.2. accountability group

4.3. 15 min laser session

4.3.1. 1 session per 30days

5. Blockers

5.1. Identify

5.1.1. set goals to overcome

5.2. End Result=Being able to identify them and find ways to overcome blockers