Unwanted vistors

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Unwanted vistors by Mind Map: Unwanted vistors

1. wasps

2. When wasps sting you will get swollen when a bee stings you the bee dies but wasps don't die

3. wasp stings hut

4. Some wasps came from Germany and Australia

5. They have got abdomen and mandibles antenna head thorax wings and legs

6. some came from ashen

7. all wasps baby's live in hexagons

8. Although wasps can be useful around the garden by consuming dead insects and eating flies, they can be a nuisance too. Apart from stinging, their persistence can be irritating and presents a threat to those allergic to their sting. Seek medical help immediately if you are stung in the mouth or neck, or if you experience giddiness, nausea, unusual swelling or extreme pain following a sting.