Moving Toward Conflict

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Moving Toward Conflict by Mind Map: Moving Toward Conflict

1. President Johnson Expands the Conflict

1.1. Kennedy wanted to withdraw the U.S forces from South Vietnam.

1.2. When Diem died it made a lot of chaos in South Vietnam. That made the military leaders mad and they tried to lead the country.

1.3. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution granted Johnson broad military powers in Vietnam.

2. The United States Steps In

2.1. The Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations provided economic and military aid to South Vietnam's non-Communist regime.

2.2. The Eisenhower administration made a deal with Ngo Dinh Diem for elections in 1956 in Vietnam in exchange for aid.

3. America Supports France in Vietnam

3.1. It began in 1950 when the US gave support to France in order to strengthen it's ties with France and stop the spread of Communism.

3.2. Then Ho Chi Minh organized Vietnam revolutionaries in China, where they fled to after France tried to regain control over Vietnam after World War 2.

3.3. After France surrendered in 1954, peace treaty negotiations were entered by France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States, China, Laos, and Cambodia, along with the Vietminh and South Vietnam.