Triple Bottom Line System

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Triple Bottom Line System by Mind Map: Triple Bottom Line System

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

1.1. A member of a scrum team.

1.2. A single person, representative of all stakeholders for the project.

2. Product Owner Team Functions

2.1. Client-Side Function

2.1.1. Communicator Connects onshore and offshore geographical distribution

2.1.2. Traveller Spends time onshore at client sites, gathering first-hand knowledge of a client’s needs

2.1.3. Intermediary Acts as an interface with senior executives, driving large scale offshore enterprise software development programmes, and disseminating domain knowledge to teams

3. What is sustainability?

3.1. Concept that focuses on the effective utilization of natural resources for a balanced ecological system.

4. The Agile Product Owner Is Responsible for...

4.1. Decision making

4.1.1. On what should not be prioritised, and take the consequences of that decision

4.2. The success or failure of the project

4.3. The financing of the project

4.4. The requirements and objectives of the project

4.5. Maximising the output of the team

4.6. Finding a balance between the different properties of the product

4.7. Maintaining and prioritising the so-called product backlog

4.7.1. A Product Backlog is an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in the product

4.7.2. The backlog must be under constant care and scrutiny