Orange County CML 71424

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Orange County CML 71424 by Mind Map: Orange County CML 71424

1. PLC-Modicon M580

1.1. Lights

1.2. IC

1.2.1. Multi Select of Stations for direct announcement

1.2.2. Paging with some talk back paging speakers

1.3. Door CTRL

1.3.1. Half Cycle

1.3.2. Full Cycle

1.3.3. DPS

2. IC-Zenitel/Stento

2.1. Stations

2.2. Paging

2.3. Threshold Monitoring in spec but not submittal

2.4. 7 years of shipment to guarantee of parts, need letter from Zenitel to confirm

2.5. Calls for touchscreen master but master stations are desktop type ?

2.6. Missing these keys in the submittals Section "L" & "N" are obsolete !!!!! Per Zenitel Paul Rux 8-28-19 Phone Call

2.6.1. ADD#2 Addedd XE1 for redundant operation Cost Impact $1375 XE1 $6756 Redundancy LIc Key 276 User

2.6.2. Section delete

2.7. Simple Link Layer Stentofon Simple Link Layer - Zenitel Wiki

2.7.1. Modbus TCP - Zenitel Wiki

2.7.2. Zenitel VS-SDK VS-SDK for AlphaCom - Zenitel Wiki (Read this, it helps) Alpha Net Service Provider

2.8. Questions

2.8.1. Space Holder Recording Q&A The current system allows for selection of multiple IC stations, the XE1 can do this as well and we will be able to provide this feature to be used a selection-able IC page feature, this will be without talk-back since it is a multi select. It appears that using the Zenitel Recording Software is mandatory per Spec. After reviewing the features and abilities of the Software it is suggested to stay with using this per the Specification. Section 28 51 23 Page 13 Add#2 We will need to install the recording software on our Main HMI box, unless we decide to put this on a separate box as they will need access to the software. (suggest separate server for that) Click on image above for pricing on recording package. IMPACT $7178.80 Nick asked for a multi select Listen-In feature to monitor multiple cell or other audio locations, this option is available but will require additional hardware and software. This is a separate station that will need to be installed with a built in "Turbine" module that allows for audio mixing. This setup is needed at every location if they decide to go forward. The station has (3) hard-coded buttons, it might be possible to save the previous groups on the fly on these e buttons, but would need to be engineered first. Click on image above for details of cost. NEEDS TO BE ORDERED STILL IMPACT $2409 per required locations Use of Soft Client instead of desktop ? Need to research that a little more VS-Client

3. RIO 1A78 ex. relays to remain

3.1. TV CTRL


3.3. Lights

3.4. Valve

4. Close-Out & Spares

4.1. Training & Spares

4.2. Need to add other spares from other sections still

5. Doors

5.1. A-Type Full Cycle

5.1.1. B-Type DPS only C-Type Slider

5.2. Check Power supplies and ratings

5.3. Field verify DPS fucntions prior to terminations on PLC cabinet. Can we charge for repairs if found to be needed ?


6.1. Existing Genetec System

7. Inmate Phone

7.1. Since IP phones, are we just giving dry IO or need to add L1 cut off ?

8. General Notes

8.1. Insert Hyperlinks for submitted products in additon to printed or electronic PDF's

8.2. Missing MOdel # for items on submittal sheets tabulation

8.3. No annotation on cutsheeets ?

8.4. Ceiling hatch monitoring ?

8.5. Chase motion or is it done through CCTV ?

8.6. Where is AD#1 ?

8.7. Visitation shown in IMG section ?

8.8. Is the 120VAC load contactor cabinet being replaced or upgraded

8.9. Fix prints IO labels

8.10. Check on CAT6 colors and labeling scheme

8.11. NEC concerns of cables not rated

8.11.1. Panel clearance issues

8.12. Eliminate the Cisco in Room 2A68 and hardwire to RM B001 ?

8.13. We do not have a Recording Retrieval License of WS

8.14. I have (2) Master IP IC, are they needed ?


9.1. Zenitel Original Quote

10. HMI- Wonderware Intouch

10.1. HMI Screen Layouts for submittal ? Check if needed or we need to demo before prod and ship

10.1.1. Intercom Integration - Recording to be in background standalone GUI from Zenitel by using their software.

11. Work Flow

11.1. Worker Supervision

11.2. Define work flow and potential hold-ups on execution

12. ToDo

12.1. Zenitel Cert October 13th Need to send 3 people Two CO Engineer One CA Staff One TX Staff Cost $2860 This is for 4 seats 3 day class in KC MO Lunch provided

12.2. Clarify order that cleans up missing pieces per spec for redundancy and recording.

12.3. Need MAC of server where we install the the AlphaCom Server

13. Zenitel Function Questions

13.1. Multi Select IC or 2-Way Speakers for listening into multiple areas at once. This is primarly to be for listening to multiple Cell's that are of interest for investigations. Can this be done from Master and get interrupted once incoming call is coming in ?

13.2. Threshold Monitoring Is this only being done via the stations setup or can it be done via the Master Stations or needs to be done via API ?

13.3. Recording Retrieval Is this via a WS client or Web or needs to be on the Server ? Needs client for that Part # 1190110110

13.4. The endpoints allow for network monitoring and notification in the event of failure, does the spec call for that to be implemented ?

13.5. We got the Enhanced Audio Messaging, what is the intent for the use of this ?

13.6. IP Scheme & VLan options ?

13.7. Failover Can XE1's be on different networks and be routed or same subnet only ?