Are You A Perfectionist?

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Are You A Perfectionist? by Mind Map: Are You A Perfectionist?

1. Endless Pursuit of more

2. To make matters worse

2.1. Mt 5 48

2.1.1. No pressure

2.1.2. Never sin

2.1.3. Never a bad thought

2.1.4. Never unloving or critical

2.2. No pressure

2.2.1. Moms Pinterest worthy home Instagram worthy looks Field trips Crafts Career Pray Read the Bible Workout.... Be perfect Not just a mom problem

2.3. We show an fake image of ourselves

2.3.1. Avoid failure

2.3.2. Never done


3.1. Self-oriented perfectionist

3.1.1. You hold unrealistically high expectations of yourself and battle with feelings of guilt, often obsessing to the point of inefficiency. You’re prone to procrastinate and struggle with deep feelings of inadequacy.

3.2. Externally-oriented perfectionist

3.2.1. You believe others expect you to be perfect. To cope with the pressure, you often use self-deprecating humor as a defense. You often feel alone, depressed and desperate because you know you will never be enough.

3.3. Others-oriented perfectionist

3.3.1. You expect others to live up to your impossible standards. Because you tend to lack empathy, you often tear others down or use abrasive and demeaning humor toward those who don’t meet your standards.

3.4. Where are you

3.4.1. Do you see yourself?

3.4.2. What kind of self talk are you doing?


4.1. Sounds like a psychological problem

4.1.1. Root it’s spiritual!

4.1.2. Perfectionism is the perfect mask for insecurity! Covering for sin! Adam and Eve in the Garden—Leaves! Create appearance Since it is a spiritual problem, God has the solution.

4.2. Rom 3:20

4.2.1. On your own, you cannot be perfect enough for God!

4.2.2. 613 laws for the Pharisees

4.2.3. "Don't tell me I'm bad"

4.2.4. Is 64:6

4.2.5. Rom 3:20 Why do we have the law? Until you see yourself as a sinner Won’t see need for Savior!

5. How are we made right?

5.1. Romans 3:22

5.2. Perfectionism

5.2.1. What I do

5.2.2. About me

5.2.3. If I obey God will love me

5.2.4. Win God’s approval

5.3. Grace

5.3.1. What Jesus has done

5.3.2. About Jesus

5.3.3. Because God loves, Can obey

5.3.4. Living from God’s approval Grace/Jesus takes the pressure off!

5.4. Not Christ plus

5.4.1. Church

5.4.2. Helping little old lady

5.4.3. Giving lots of money

5.4.4. Perfection is Christ plus NOTHING


6.1. Choose people over perfection

6.1.1. Luke 10:41-42 NLT

6.2. Choose perfect love over perfect performance

6.2.1. Perfectionism is covering for your deepest fears

6.2.2. You fear Inadequacy Rejection Intimacy


7.1. Matt 5:43-45

7.2. Matt 5:44-48

7.3. Your perfect purpose

7.3.1. Love God

7.3.2. Love People

7.4. haunted with fear

7.4.1. Inadequate

7.4.2. Failure

7.4.3. Never measure up

7.5. The Point

8. Show you how good

8.1. I am!

8.1.1. What I do

8.2. God is!

8.2.1. He LOVES YOU

8.2.2. Perfect love over Perfect Performance!

8.2.3. Choose people over perfection

9. Series

10. Great Quotes

10.1. 1

10.2. 2

11. The Series

11.1. Fame, "you want to live forever?"

11.2. If I Just had a little more money

11.3. Next Week - Please, Please, like me

11.4. Today - A life of ease

11.5. In Two Weeks

11.5.1. Promo video

11.5.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

11.6. Perfectionism

11.6.1. We say nobody is perfect Grace for others Hard on ourselves Not you?? How about your self talk

12. Intro Vid