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Nerve Cells by Mind Map: Nerve Cells

1. Neuron

1.1. Soma

1.1.1. Central region of the neuron

1.1.2. Creates new cell components

1.1.3. Contains the nucleus Proteins are made

1.1.4. Renewal of cell components

1.2. Dendrites

1.2.1. Long branch of neuron that receives signals

1.3. Axon

1.3.1. Long branch of neuron that sends signals

1.4. Axon Terminal

1.4.1. End of the axon where neurotransmitters are released

1.5. Synaptic Vesicles

1.5.1. Spherical sac containing neurotransmitters

1.6. Synaptic Cleft

1.6.1. Gap neurotransmitters are released from the axon terminal

1.7. Synapse

1.7.1. Space between two neurons where messages are chemically transmitted

1.8. Myelin Sheath

1.8.1. Glial cells wrapped around the axon that insulates the neurons signal

1.9. Neurotransmitter

1.9.1. Nerve impulse signal given off by the nerve cell

2. Neurotransmitters

2.1. Inhabit

2.1.1. Neurotransmitters decrease nervous system activity

2.2. Excite

2.2.1. Neurotransmitters increase nervous system activity

2.3. reuptake

2.3.1. Process of recycling of neurotransmitters

2.4. Receptor Sites

2.4.1. Location that uniquely identifies a neurotransmitter

3. Glial Cells

3.1. Astrocytes

3.1.1. Increase accuracy of the neuron transmission

3.1.2. Regulate blood flow to the brain

3.1.3. Help develop the embryo

3.2. oligodendrocyte

3.2.1. Assists in new connections among nerve cells

3.2.2. Produces Myelin Sheath - insulating wrapper around axons