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MVP Team by Mind Map: MVP Team

1. Finance Department TBD

1.1. Controller (TBD)

1.1.1. A/P Matt

1.1.2. A/R TBD

1.1.3. Payroll Matt

1.1.4. Strategy & Budget Eli

1.1.5. Tax & Accounting Turner

1.1.6. Bookkeeping TBD

2. Marketing Department Eli

2.1. Marketing Growth Strategy (Eli)

2.1.1. Business Development (Eli/Pudge/Matt)

2.1.2. Partnerships / Joint Ventures (Eli/Matt/Pudge)

2.2. Marketing Operations Manager (TBD)

2.2.1. Design Print Design Siena Meghan (freelancer) Web Design Siena Meghan (freelancer) Landing Pages Siena Meghan (freelancer)

2.2.2. Social Media Admin/Engagement (Siena) Content (Siena) Design (Siena)

2.2.3. Video Video Editing Alex / Emily

2.2.4. Written Copy Eli/TBD

2.2.5. CRM Management Outbound Marketing Campaigns Trip Funnels

3. Sales Department Eli / Pudge

3.1. Sales Director (Eli)

3.1.1. Pricing (Eli) Trip Pricing Discount Strategy Commission Management

3.1.2. Sales Management (Eli) Sales Systems Software Tools Processes Reporting Staff MGMT (Eli) Training Sales Rep Team Sport Coaches Sales Material Presentation Slides Itinerary Flyer Email Templates Reporting Weekly Call

4. Travel Department Tonya

4.1. Director of Travel (Tonya)

4.1.1. Hotel Manager (Tonya) Hotel Contract Management Execution Reductions/Deadlines Rooming Lists

4.1.2. Flight Manager TBD

4.1.3. DMC Manager (TBD) Negotiation Europe Other DMC Contract Management Execution Changes Travel Information Lists Tour Manager Hiring (Eli)

4.1.4. Travel Admin RFP (Siena)

4.1.5. Travel Finance Budget Management

4.1.6. Itinerary Design (Eli)

4.2. International Sports (Eli)

4.2.1. Scheduling

4.2.2. Networking

4.2.3. Compensation

5. Traveler Relations Department Jason

5.1. Director of Travel Relations (Jason)

5.1.1. Registration Payments (Jason) Manage Late Payments Transfer Funds Reg Page Set Up (Jason/Rich) Changes (By Rep) Onboarding Welcome Call Newsletter

5.1.2. Team Management (Jason) Sam Siena Wojo Jason Devin (possible)

5.1.3. Tools Live Chat FreshChat Ticketing System Freshdesk Inbuilt Calling System FreshCaller FAQ Knowledge Base

5.1.4. Reporting Weekly Meeting

5.1.5. Strategy Raving Fan Policy Speed Competition Ownership Whoever finds it, owns it

5.1.6. Newsletters

6. Executive Team Pudge, Matt, Eli

6.1. General Counsel (O'Kelly McWilliams)

6.2. HR

6.2.1. Hiring Manager (Pudge)

6.2.2. Employee Contracts (Matt)

6.2.3. Partner Agreements (Matt)

6.3. Business Strategy (Pudge, Matt, Eli

6.4. Daily Operations Management (Eli

7. Operations & Admin Department Multiple Leaders (broken out)

7.1. Operations & Project Manager (Tara)

7.1.1. Data Administration Asana Projects Trip Launch Checklist Travel Transfer Info to travel department (flight, hotel, excursions, ages, etc) Apparel Transfer sizes to apparel side

7.1.2. Team Meetings

7.1.3. Office

7.1.4. Team Communication Asana set up different asana tasks and know how to locate various items if people need help Whatsapp help with setting up groups

7.1.5. Trip Launch Project Team Meetings Delegation Project Checklist Review Collaboration centralizing data, team information and content

7.2. Special Projects & Events (TBD)

7.2.1. MVP Team Dinner

7.2.2. MVP KickOff Party

7.3. Pre-Trip (TBD)

7.3.1. Ops Manager Ops Training Pre-Trip Checklists Live Demo Pre-Trip Meetings Timeline & Scheduling

7.3.2. Apparel Manager (TBD) Sizing try-ons returns Delivery Team work with ops / support

7.4. Fundraiser Manager

7.4.1. Send TIckets

7.4.2. Award Prizes

8. IT Department Rich

8.1. Director Of IT (Rich)

8.1.1. Website Management (Rich)

8.1.2. Software/App Management (Rich)

8.1.3. IT Strategy (Rich)

8.1.4. Systems Architect (Rich)

8.1.5. Automation (Rich)

8.1.6. Integrations (Rich)