Examples of supply-side policies

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Examples of supply-side policies by Mind Map: Examples of supply-side policies

1. Privatisation

1.1. 1980s,1990s, most of the major utilities such as Gas , Water and Electricity were sold by the government and floated on the stock market.

2. Income Tax Cuts

2.1. In the 1980s income tax was cut. The overall tax has not fallen because indirect taxes such as VAT was increased.

3. Reduced Power of Trades Unions

3.1. The power of trades unions has fallen because of laws making it more difficult for unions to operate.

4. Deregulated Financial Markets

4.1. The governmentt has deregulated the financial services market, for example building societies can act like banks, and more institutions can now offer mortgages, this led to more competition and lower borrowing costs