Does he allow her to continue education?

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Does he allow her to continue education? by Mind Map: Does he allow her to continue education?

1. Yes

1.1. Does she want to continue education?

1.1.1. He says no Is this because she never brought it up? Not a substantive answer Both husband and wife may not see continuing education as an opportunity

1.1.2. He says yes He allows her to continue education May revoke his permission later (this is enough) He is indifferent Doesn't care if she continues education He is supportive Buys her the necessary materials Helps her find trainings/ apply to education He goes to the training with her

1.2. Hypothetical

1.2.1. Only if she has free time

1.2.2. Only if she asks husband permission

1.2.3. Only if she is with other females

1.2.4. Only if she isn't far away from home

1.2.5. Only if it is good Only for certain types of trainings/ education

2. No

2.1. Does he allow her to go outside the home?

2.1.1. Can she go to the market?

2.1.2. Can she visit friends?

2.1.3. Can she be in the presence of men?

2.2. Does he allow her to work?

2.2.1. Why or why not? It is shameful No reason for wife to work

2.3. Places constraints on wife

2.3.1. Social norms (women shouldn't be educated)

2.3.2. Financial (not enough money to continue studies)

2.3.3. Responsibilities are priority (not enough time for wife to continue education) She must complete the household chores Children will be left alone at home

2.3.4. Personal Opinion Thinks she has evil intentions if she pursues education Thinks it looks bad on himself as a man if she continues

2.4. What would happen if she did continue without informing him?

2.4.1. Get angry or upset (possible conflict or violence) He may beat her He will leave her He will get upset

2.4.2. Indifference (he wouldn't care; claims he wouldn't have a reaction)

2.4.3. He claims this would never happen