Powerful Social Studies

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Powerful Social Studies by Mind Map: Powerful Social Studies

1. Meaningful

1.1. teacher discusses and asks questions about types of holidays celebrated in the month of December by people around the world

1.1.1. New node

1.2. teacher sets up 4 activity centres for students to do projects that will help them understand the concept more such as having one centre that helps them learn about the seasons. These centres also incorporate other subjects such as science, math and language arts.

2. Integrative

2.1. Teacher reads a story to the class about Winter Solstice and discusses about length of day and night. This discussion leads to the early times of the Cherokee people.

2.2. The teacher shows her students about the earth orbiting the sun. She does this by using a globe and herself as the sun. The students participate by sitting in the circle and one student takes the globe and circles her.

3. Value-Based

3.1. At the end of the class, students go to different centres again and make symbols that celebrate holidays by different cultures, based on Winter Solstice. The projects then come together with a poster outside the classroom dispaying these symbols and diversity bringing in alltypes of celebrations together.

3.2. The teacher asks the students in finding similarities and differences in other cultures during the Christmas season.

4. Challenging

4.1. Students working in groups to come up with ideas together.

4.2. Teacher uses a story which pulls in aspects that make sense to the group, draws symbols representing different holidays, asks questions relating to the winter socsitce and the concept of it, and getting the students to become involved in these tactics.

5. Active

5.1. Students get hands on experiencs such as making rie pudding which is also one of the sybols for a holiday, and putting out their shoes to test theory..

5.2. Reading a stroy in which the teacher askes questions to the students as the event unold during the reading. The questions require reflective thinking about what the students know.