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Mizaru Good Practice Guide by Mind Map: Mizaru Good Practice Guide
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Mizaru Good Practice Guide


What is Mizaru?

In what situations can Mizaru be used effectively?

Advantages and disadvantages of using Mizaru

The need for this Guide - a focus on engagement

Help and support resources

Key terminology

Overview of Mizaru

Roles and their associated privileges

Key meeting features

Learning and familiarisation with Mizaru

Preparing your system

Learning from the Adobe Connect resources

Connecting to Mizaru

Practicing with Mizaru

Learning to be an effective Participant

Key principles

Tips and hints

Things to avoid

Designing for engagement - for presenters

Key principles to follow

Your first session - keep it simple

LT&A scenarios for using Mizaru

Using Mizaru in other scenarios

Dealing with key challenges

Guidance for hosts

Using and managing lay-outs

Assigning and changing roles

Managing Pods

Technical considerations

Dealing with technical problems

Options for audio & video devices

Scenarios for use of Mizaru

Teaching, learning and assessment

Office / collaborative / project working


Partnership working

Public and community engagement

Protocols, compliance and terms of use

Key protocols for acceptable use

Data protection and privacy