Sister splashed some water on you

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Sister splashed some water on you by Mind Map: Sister splashed some water on you

1. Why did she splash water on you?

1.1. She wanted to scare me and play a prank on me.

2. Why were you sleeping in the afternoon?

2.1. I had a long day in school and decided to take a nap.

3. Climax

3.1. I did not expect that it would be my sister who splashed water on me so I just stormed into my neighbour's house and just rapidly scolded him.

4. Development

4.1. Did this person who splashed water on me want to take revenge on me for something I did?

4.2. I decided to question my little sister as she was the only one at home.

4.3. After splashing some water at me, my sister ran into the toilet and pretended that she did not do anything.

5. Resolution

5.1. I decided to play a prank and told her that the culprit's homework was torn into half.

5.2. Since my little sister was only 4 years old,she immediately believed me and ran to her room.

5.3. It was then obvious that she was the culprit.

6. Conclusion

6.1. Once i found out that it was my sister who did the prank, I went over to my neighbour and apologized for accusing him wrongly.

6.2. After all that mischievous acts my sister did, I felt tired and went back to sleep.

6.3. My sister felt guilty and never again did she ever dared to play a prank on me.