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Prohibition by Mind Map: Prohibition

1. Speakeasies

1.1. bars that operated illegally

1.2. there were more speakeasies than saloons before prohibition

2. Al Capone

2.1. most notorious gangster

2.2. owned a lot of money from bootlegging

2.3. could easily pay off judges, officials, or police

2.4. government tried to fight back by creating the Bureau of Investigation

3. Bootlegging

3.1. liquor, beer, wine illegal to manufacture, drink, or distribute in US

3.2. people who hid flasks to drink illegally

4. Goals

4.1. eliminate drunkenness and the resulting abuse of family

4.2. get rid of saloons, where prostitution, gambling, and other forms of vice thrived

4.3. prevent absenteeism and on-the-job accidents stemming from drunkenness

4.4. Volstead Act in 1919 provided system of enforcing