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1.1. Stand to open

1.1.1. Pass

1.1.2. Early response. Knee pinch to stack

1.1.3. Late response. Back sweep counter knee pinch. Tight waist double leg drag Split the legs scoop grip technical stand up Split the leg scoop grip leg drag Technical stand up leg drag

1.2. Seated pass


2.1. Inside foot position entries

2.1.1. Side step

2.1.2. Collar tie

2.1.3. Ankle control

2.2. Side body lock

2.2.1. Post on hip and knee Pop up Move to hip post side Lock tight waist body lock

2.3. Double under body lock

2.3.1. Hands in the centre Head to shoulder Pummel double under hooks Pull their hips towards me

2.3.2. Long arm short arm Head to shoulder Pummel double under long arm short arm Pull their hips towards me Pull their hips towards me switch to an under hook and head to the mat opposite side Wizar and wrist control counter

2.4. Under over body lock

2.4.1. Drop weight down Lock hands Pull their hips towards me

2.4.2. Head on under hook side Drop weight down Lock hands

2.5. Double over body lock

2.5.1. Double under counter Drop weight down Double over hook elbows low

2.6. Butterfly counter

2.6.1. Double unders counter Base hands Pinch kness hips low

2.7. Shin to shin counter

2.7.1. Far side kimura

2.7.2. Near side kimura

2.7.3. Base on hands Pop hook off with foot


3.1. Cross hamstring

3.1.1. Standing Early response Pummel to stack Scoop grip to cross ashi garami Late response Full inversion counter

3.1.2. Split squat


4.1. Option 1

4.1.1. Head to shoulder elbow inside cross face pass

4.2. Option 2

4.2.1. Lasso counter Leg drag + foot pummel

4.3. Option 3

4.3.1. Under hook counter High hips.Post back step into cross ashi garami Low hips.Drive knee across Into quarter guard

4.4. Option 4

4.4.1. Half butterfly counter Cross face under hook Walk bottom leg to centre line with your knee Lean spraw Frame counter Switch to Reverse collar tie Pull their heal to far hip Pummel foot into leg drag


5.1. Sprawl foot pummel if the opponent isn’t framing and the guard can be opened

5.1.1. Passing in front of the guard Under hook Knee cut Reverse collar tie Knee cut Ten finger grip

5.1.2. Passing behind the guard Reverse collar tie Leg lace to leg drag

5.2. Frame counter

5.2.1. Hip switch hip control Half guard


6.1. Option 1

6.1.1. Hand inside Half guard

6.2. Option 2

6.2.1. Scoop grip Spin to cross ashi garami

6.3. Option 3

6.3.1. Push reaction Switch to reverse kesa

6.4. Option 4

6.4.1. Cross shoulder post counter 2 on 1 to ten finger grip Low knee shield Cross face hip switch

6.5. Option 5

6.5.1. Leg lace pass the hand false grip Switch to reverse kesa kimura

6.6. Under over passing

6.6.1. Chin to far hip hip down Stager step over knee Drag their leg back to the centre line If they lock their legs counter


7.1. De la riva counter

7.1.1. Opposite foot on the outside Leg drag Into side control

7.1.2. Deep de La Riva counter Cup knee on the deep de La Riva side Control ankle on opposite side If opponent is to far behind

7.1.3. Late response Crab ride counter Control heals

7.2. Head quarters

7.2.1. knee on bottom hip counter Under hook on same side as bottom hip Into knee cut into split squat Frame counter Under hook on same side as top hip Cross face with opposite hand Frame counter If I can’t get under hooks Reverse collar tie reverse v grip If opponent opens knee

7.2.2. Knee on top hip counter Under hook on same side as bottom hip near side Cross face No cross face hand post with head position Under hook on same side as top hip Cross face No cross face hand post with head position If I can’t get to upper body control Sit to reverse collar tie and reverse v grip Frame counters Knee elbow escape and frame counter Cup the knee


8.1. Knee on the mat

8.1.1. Cross face under hook Knee to hip kill their butterfly hook Pummel foot to top butterfly

8.1.2. Switch to reverse kesa Knee to hip kill their butterfly hook Scoop grip

8.2. Knee on the thigh

8.2.1. Split squat

8.3. Under hook counter

8.3.1. Under hook pull opponent flat Switch hip Scissor legs to stop the sweep

8.3.2. Arm in guillotine Pummel to top butterfly Sweep counter

8.4. Frame counter

8.4.1. Lace leg step foot up Pull their heal out into leg drag Pummel foot into leg drag

8.4.2. Pummel butterfly hook Step up to modified head quarters Outside knee on the floor


9.1. If their back is flat on the mat

9.1.1. Cross face under hook Slide knee back Walk to half guard

9.1.2. Under hook Slide knee under their head Scoot to a kimura grip

9.2. Double under hook counter

9.2.1. Near hip facing me Post hands Stand up

9.2.2. Far hip facing away Post on the head Scoot around to cross ashi garami

9.3. Waiter counter

9.3.1. Ankle grip counter Head to far shoulder Break grip into deep half

9.3.2. Elbow deep counter Head to far shoulder Control wrist pummel foot out into deep half

9.4. Over wrap counter

9.4.1. Knee on the mat. Break deep half grip Move foot away Pin arm back step to cross ashi garami Single leg counter

9.4.2. Knee on the hip drive to far side Deep half under hook


10.1. upper body control

10.1.1. Heal to butt lift pummel

10.2. upper body control

10.2.1. Switch to reverse kesa Heal to butt lift pummel into reverse kesa

10.3. Under hook counter

10.3.1. Move hips away Under hook switch to reverse kesa

10.4. Under hook and deep half grip counter

10.4.1. Head and arm guillotine. sweep counter Butterfly hook Scoop grip counter No scoop grip


11.1. Option 1

11.1.1. Far side tight waist

11.2. Option 2

11.2.1. Reverse tight waist

11.3. Option 3

11.3.1. Far side control reverse knee ride


12.1. Option 1

12.1.1. Knees pointing away Shoulders flat Underhook knee cut On the side Reverse collar tie hip control knee cut On elbow Far side kimura

12.2. Option 2

12.2.1. Knees pointing towards Pull knees to quarter guard

12.3. Option 3

12.3.1. Leg attacks


13.1. Option 1

13.1.1. Under hook cross face Clear to mount

13.2. Option 2

13.2.1. Cross face post head Clear to knee on Clear to mount Clear to false half

13.3. Option 3

13.3.1. Opponent on side Back take

13.4. Option 4

13.4.1. Under hook Knee cut Side control 2 feet on top of knees to mount 2 feet on top of kness to scoop back to leg drag

13.5. Option 5

13.5.1. Under hook counter Guillotine Submission Fall sweep Mount

13.6. Option 6

13.6.1. Ninja roll


14.1. Option 1 upper body control

14.1.1. Cross face Inside bicep tie Ten finger grip Head pummel under hook Under hook counter

14.2. Option 2 upper body control

14.2.1. Frame counter Switch to reverse kesa

14.3. Under hook counter

14.3.1. Early response V grip Switch to reverse kesa V grip and under hook Flatten off Under hook Body lock

14.4. Tight waist

14.4.1. Elbow lift their back to deep tight waist Inside tie with opposite hand Head pummel ear to ear


15.1. Scoop grip

15.2. Knee drive

15.2.1. Quarter mount

15.3. Under hook counter

15.3.1. Kimura grip Finish submission

15.3.2. One handed kimura grip Scoop grip

15.4. Elbow inside counter

15.4.1. Pull arm into kimura grip Finish submission

15.4.2. Pull arm to one handed kimura grip Scoop grip


16.1. Shin across hip backstep

16.2. Pull legs towards step over triangle

16.3. Spin to cross ashi garami


17.1. Top pummel

17.2. Front pummel

17.3. Knee cuts

17.4. Hip switch’s

18. Ashi garami/ passing standing

18.1. Standard #1 single leg head forward wide base

18.1.1. Peal off to mount

18.1.2. Reverse v grip on inside ankle Peal outside foot off hip Back step Back step

18.2. #2 x guard head forward base with hands

18.2.1. Lean weight into hand closest to upper body Use reverse v grip to clear hook Back step foot out Back step foot out

18.3. #3 ushiro x guard/x guard from the back

18.3.1. Scoop grip on knee counter Strip grip Back step foot out

18.3.2. Ankle grip counter Base hands Reverse v grip

18.4. #4 Reverse x guard

18.4.1. Lean head forward Reverse v grip on front hook push their heal to their but Control opposite leg knee

18.4.2. Ushiro reverse x guard Base hands head forward Reverse v grip ankle closest to me

18.5. Outside

18.5.1. Push top leg with to hands Slide opposite foot behind their hips Push their knees below my knee line

18.6. Cross

18.6.1. Move opposite leg away Head forward Push bottom leg down

18.7. 50/50

18.7.1. Standing Lean forward Hip forward into hooks Control ankles place their feet on the mat

19. Supine/flat on their back using toreundo passes

19.1. Catch 2 on one grip

19.1.1. Pass off grip fight Into stack passes

19.2. Step passed hip line

19.2.1. Point knee to far hip Pass to knee ride Reverse de La Riva counter Cross hamstring Straight hamstring Leg over top pinch my legs together High leg counter V grips Stack passes If they turn away take the back Knees to chest Switch sides Move to north south