Ajay Hooda

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Ajay Hooda by Mind Map: Ajay Hooda

1. Home

1.1. Family

1.1.1. Wife She is my wife of 15 years, perfect travel companion and a radiologist. Our favorite hobbies together include enjoying good food, traveling, and kayaking on our trips.

1.1.2. Son #1 He is 8 years old and loves to watch and play football. Sometimes I wish he knew his times table as well as he knows football facts. Arjun is a complete extrovert, he could probably talk to a tree.

1.1.3. Son #2 He is 4 years old and going on 14. He is incredibly articulate and bossy. I love to watch him speak and rationalize his thoughts. Unlike his brother, he is a complete introvert. I love seeing how the brothers look so similar but are so completely different from each other and both of us.

2. Work

2.1. Academic physician

2.1.1. I have worked at Sinai Hospital in inner city Baltimore for the past 10 years.

2.1.2. More recently I have taken on the role of an academic, I teach medical students and practice with resident physicians. It makes my job more challenging and simultaneously rewarding to train future doctors.

3. Play

3.1. Sports

3.1.1. I love playing volleyball in a league made of my friends and family in NJ. My team won the championship twice, I am still waiting for a threepeat.

3.1.2. I love to play soccer and have played in a league with internal medicine resident physicians - it has been an amazing experience to get to know the trainees outside work

3.1.3. I love to watch all sports. My favorites include NFL, professional tennis, Olympics (swimming, curling, track) and world cup. Although I have never been, I would love to go to French Open or soccer world cup.

3.2. Travelling

3.2.1. I love any opportunity to see the world. My favorite trips have included visiting Rome (I had a brief curiosity with Cesaar) and Puerto Rico. (where we swam with dinoflagellates that converted kinetic energy to light energy so we glowed in the dark while we swam) My next destination is Barcelona.

3.3. Food

3.3.1. I love food, my favorite is Italian. I love grilling and eating anything my wife cooks.

3.4. Reading

3.4.1. I love reading non-fiction, my favorite topics include national and international news, finance and politics.

4. Dreams

4.1. With my MBA, I hope to become an informed leader in my hospital and implement new ideas to improve the overall health of my community,

4.2. I hope to serve as a role model to my two children and provide them the best education I can.