Group Dynamics

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Group Dynamics by Mind Map: Group Dynamics

1. Group Personalities: different qualities, roles

1.1. (a). recorder

1.1.1. Task

1.1.2. Prerequisites

1.2. (b). elaborator

1.3. (c). coordinator

1.3.1. Task

1.3.2. Prerequisites

1.3.3. New node

2. Conflict: friction, confrontation

2.1. (a). workplace: divide into certain groups, body language

2.2. (b). internal: within oneself

2.3. (c). group: conduct, verdict, allocation, direction

2.4. (d). manage styles: competition, avoidance, accommodation, comprise, collaboration

3. Composite Breakdown:

3.1. (a). Reasonable

3.2. (b). Difficult

3.3. (c). Impossible

4. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Competencies

4.1. (a). self-awareness:

4.1.1. emotional self-assessment self-confidence

4.2. (b). self-management:

4.2.1. self-control

4.3. (c). social awareness:

5. The Lewin, Lippitt, and White study

5.1. Cooperative Learning: positive, face-to-face, individual accountability, social skill support, group processing

6. Leadership Qualities: experience, stand-out, handle challenges

6.1. (a). Incentive

6.1.1. (b). Styles: authoritarian, democratic, laissez-faire

7. Purposes: to have connection with peers, identity

7.1. (b). Advantages: interacting, getting to know and understand

7.1.1. (a). Disadvantages: no communication, disagreements

8. Relationship Management:

9. Characteristics: traits

9.1. (f).commanding

9.1.1. (e). coaching (d). democratic (c).affiliative