You Don't Need to Forgive Them!

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You Don't Need to Forgive Them! by Mind Map: You Don't Need to Forgive Them!

1. QR You Don't Need To Forgive Them!

2. The Series

2.1. You Won't Have Bad Days

2.2. Next Week - Go Do What You Happy

2.3. Next Week -You Get What You Deserve

2.4. In Two Weeks

2.4.1. Promo video

2.4.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

2.5. Today - You don't have yo forgive them!

3. Teaching how to PRAY

3.1. Matt 6:9-11

3.2. Doesn’t say

3.2.1. Forgive us sins

3.2.2. Though we’re still holding grudges

3.3. Matt 6:12

3.4. Mt 6:14

3.5. Mt 6:15

3.6. X Box Problems

4. How in the world do you forgive something seems unforgivable?

4.1. Why should you forgive

4.1.1. Spouse that cheated

4.1.2. Friend told lies about you

4.1.3. Did not pay you

4.1.4. Broke a promise

4.1.5. Someone should have protected you but instead hurt you

4.2. Someone hurt someone you love

4.3. Matt 6:9

4.3.1. He’s not just MY Father

4.3.2. He’s OUR Father

4.3.3. The relationship we have with our spiritual siblings really matters to God

4.4. Mt 5 23

4.5. MT 5:24

4.5.1. That is how important it is to God

4.5.2. Who does it hurt "Like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die" You may be in a prison of offense

4.6. Forgiveness is

4.6.1. Not a feeling

4.6.2. Not trust

4.6.3. Forgiveness Is When you can hurt, you don't When you can bless, you do

4.7. Matt 5:43-44

4.7.1. Your prayer may or may not change others, but it always changes you.

4.7.2. Praying for them sets you free Ha I know how to pray Ps 59:14 Ps 28:4 Psalm 109:8- This is an example of being authentic, not so much how to pray. A better prayer 1 Ch 4:10 The forgiveness version 2

5. Col 3:13

5.1. God freely forgives our sins!

5.1.1. Same way— You hurl it away! Let it go!

6. “Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong. It makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak. It sets you free.” Dave Wills

7. Matt 6:14-15

7.1. Forgiveness empowers you to set the prisoner free Realize prisoner was you.

8. Forgiveness

8.1. Jesus never said

8.2. Jesus never said

8.3. Jesus never said

8.4. Jesus never said

8.5. Jesus never said

8.6. Jesus never said

9. Xbox Solutions


10.1. 1

10.2. 2