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The Future of Media by Mind Map: The Future of Media
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The Future of Media

Keynote speech from Helen & Chelfyn Baxter of Mohawk Media at the National Association of Media Educators bi-annual conference in Auckland, NZ

Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

Future of Media Teaching

Publish v Practice

More hands on

Less theory

Income streams & syndication

Publishing now Two-Way

1. creation & publishing of content

2. managing audience feedback

Format changes structure

Shorter Formats 2-3 mins

No Padding for Ad Breaks

Webtop v Desktop Applications

3D Virtual Worlds

e-Learning Academies - 2nd Life

Live Lectures with world experts

Avatars & Teleprescence - for interviews, conferences & work

Machinima made Cinema

Web 2.0

The Internet is now Integral not External to Life

The Semantic Web

Tagging, Folksonomy, Taxonomy






Podcasting / Streaming

v Radio

E-Learning from the best

MIT links


v TV

Social News Networks

Citizen Media

Open Source Software

Free, Open, Customisable, Shareable

Edubuntu for Operating System

Drupal for Community Platform

Moodle for e-Learning Spaces

Open Office / Zopa for office tools

Future of Media Work

New Pathways to Publishing

Markets / Income

Plummeting Production Costs

Lower barriers to entry

Knowledge Workers

Remote / Distributed Teams



Creative Commons

Telepresence & Telework


Digital has changed everything

Robots will change it again!

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