Orem's Self-Care Theory

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Orem's Self-Care Theory by Mind Map: Orem's Self-Care Theory

1. Orem's Theory Diagnosis: -Nurse designs a system that is wholly or partly compensatory or supportive-educative. -The 2 actions are:- Bringing out a good organization of the components of patients’ therapeutic self care demands - Selection of combination of ways of helping that will be effective and efficient in compensating for/ overcoming patient’s self care deficits

2. Diagnosis: Phase where medical professionals develop a theory or hypothesis about the individuals situation based on information that has been collected.

3. Assessment: The first step in the nursing process that requires the nurse to collect data on the patient. In addition, it identifies the clients perspective of own health status, health goals, and the clients requirements fror self care, and the ability for them to perform self care.

4. Orem's Theory Assessment: - The person’s health status - The physician’s perspective of the person’s health status -The person’s perspective of his or her health -The health goals within the context of life history ,life style, and health status -The person’s requirements for self care -The person’s capacity to perform self care

5. Diagnosis

6. Assessment

7. Evaluation

8. Implementation

9. Planning

10. Self-care theory: Activities that the individual performs to maintain health and well-being; Including universal as well as developmental self care requirements.