9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Access

1.1. full electronic participation in society

1.2. technology opportunities for all students

1.3. ignore digtal needs of various groups or fail to accommcdate

2. Digital Commerce

2.1. buying and selling fo goods online

2.2. students are informed that they can safely purchase items online

2.2.1. New node

2.3. not knowing how to protect their identity

3. Digital Law

3.1. The legal rights and restrictions governing technology use

3.2. People can usderstand about copyrighting and not to share it with others in any way.

3.3. Someone gets a new game and instead of buying another for his friend he just copies it.

4. digital rights and responsibilites

4.1. the pribileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them

4.2. Someone is writing an essay and makes a work cited page for the information they recived off the internet

4.3. When someone doesn't make a citation page or doesn't have any quotes in the paper.

5. Digital health and wellness

5.1. The elements of phsical and psychological well-being related to difital technology use

5.2. Kids know the apporprate time to get off of video games after and certain amount of time.

5.3. Kids stay on longer than they should.

6. Digital Communication

6.1. electronic exchange of information

6.2. student will use digital communication devices while not in class

6.3. stundent will keep the phone on them and on high volume

7. digital security

7.1. The precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network

7.2. People keep personal information private while on the web.

7.3. Letting people know personal information about you or your life.

8. Digital Etiqutte

8.1. standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users

8.1.1. New node

8.2. users learn the rules before becoming involved

8.3. users dont check the rules

9. Digital literacy

9.1. the capability to use difital technology and knowing when and how to use it

9.2. People can use different technologys in new ways

9.3. When someone can't access something from a certain place.