Harry Potter

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Harry Potter by Mind Map: Harry Potter

1. Symbolism

1.1. Colors

1.1.1. Colors Used in Names

1.1.2. House Colors

1.1.3. Colors Used for Descriptions

1.2. Names

1.2.1. Historical References

1.2.2. Meanings of Names

2. Relationships

2.1. Between Minor Characters

2.1.1. Oliver Wood and Harry

2.1.2. Collin and Harry

2.2. Between Main Characters

2.2.1. The Trio Harry and Hermione Hermione and Ron Harry and Ron

2.2.2. Trio and Malfoy

2.2.3. Between Students and Teachers Filch and Harry Gilderoy and Trio Harry/Ron and Lockhart Hermione and Lockhart Snape and Trio Hagrid and Trio

2.3. Between "Family"

2.3.1. Dursleys and Harry

2.3.2. Hogwarts Family

2.3.3. Weasleys and Harry

3. Struggles

3.1. Internal Struggles

3.1.1. Growing Up Death/Evil Responsibilities

3.1.2. Good vs. Bad

3.2. Struggles between Decisions

3.2.1. Bad Decisions Mistake Corrupt

3.2.2. Good Decisions Innocent Best Decision for Everyone/Not Greedy

3.3. Low Priority