Cell Cycle Concept Map

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Cell Cycle Concept Map by Mind Map: Cell Cycle Concept Map

1. Synthesis

1.1. DNA

1.1.1. Nucleic acid containing genetic instructions used for development and function of all organisms

1.2. Spindle

1.2.1. A structure separating the cells in cell division

1.3. Kinetochore

1.3.1. Either of the two sub microscopic attachment points for chromosomes in cell division

1.4. -Part of interphase

2. Gap 2

2.1. Chromosome

2.1.1. An organized structure of DNA and protein in cells.

2.2. Chromatin

2.2.1. The material of which the chromosomes of organisms are composed.

2.3. Chromatid

2.3.1. One of two identical copies of DNA making up a duplicated chromosome.

2.4. -Part of interphase

3. Mitosis

3.1. Cell division

3.1.1. The division of a cell into two daughter cells, with the same genetic material

3.2. Cytokinesis

3.2.1. The division of the cytoplasm and the plasma membrane

3.3. Aster

3.3.1. A cellular structure shaped like a star, formed around each chromosome during mitosis

4. Gap 1

4.1. Centriole

4.1.1. A centriole is a barrel shaped cell structure found in most eukaryotic cells.

4.2. Nucleus

4.2.1. Positively changed central core of an atom

4.3. -Part of interphase