Engineering 1181

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Engineering 1181 by Mind Map: Engineering 1181

1. Engineering Basics

1.1. Teamwork

1.1.1. Working with a team increases productivity and group ability, overall beneficial.

1.2. Ethics

1.2.1. COAM/Academic Integrity

1.2.2. Types: Utilitarian Rights Virtue Fairness/Justice Common Good

1.2.3. NSPE Code of Ethics

1.2.4. Dilemmas Points of Conflict Protagonist Stakeholders Obligations Courses of Action Consequences

1.3. Problem Solving

1.3.1. DR. PIE

2. Excel

2.1. Basics

2.1.1. Cell Referencing Absolute Relative Mixed

2.1.2. Basic Functions = Order of Precedence

2.1.3. Common Errors #### #DIV/0! #NUM! #REF! #VALUE!

2.1.4. Graphing: Highlight Data Insert Good Graphing Practices

2.2. Data Analysis

2.2.1. Accuracy

2.2.2. Precision

2.2.3. Variation Systemic Random

2.2.4. Define: Mean =AVERAGE Median =MEDIAN Mode =MODE Standard Deviation =STDEV

2.3. Program Design

2.3.1. Algorithms

2.3.2. Flow Charts


3.1. Basics: Uses

3.1.1. Simulate Engineering Problems

3.1.2. Model Real-world Situations

3.1.3. Analyze Data

3.1.4. Create Representations of Results

3.2. Data Analysis

3.2.1. Arrays Vectors Matrices

3.2.2. Commands Built in Functions load plot()/figure()

3.3. Conditional Statements/User Input

3.3.1. Conditional Statements if if-else if-elseif

3.3.2. input()

3.3.3. Relational and Logical Operators

3.3.4. Strings and Character Arrays

3.4. Array Indexing and For Loops

3.4.1. Indexing Starts at 1 Many ways to create arrays Colon Operator

3.4.2. For Loops Stop after a set number of passes for k = values Can be used to create arrays Can be used with conditionals

3.5. While Loops and Functions

3.5.1. While Loops while conditional statement Could loop infinitely: Use Ctrl C

3.5.2. Functions input>functionname>output function[out1, out2] = functionname(in1, in2) Why Use? Re-usability Abstraction Coordination between Users