Derek's Potential Topics

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Derek's Potential Topics by Mind Map: Derek's Potential Topics

1. Air Medical Industry

1.1. Safety

1.2. Helicopter Shopping

1.3. Overuse

1.4. Medical Necessity

1.5. Cost vs Benefits

1.6. ShandsCair 1

2. Standardization of Paramedicine

2.1. Education and Training

2.2. State Reciprocity

2.3. Professional vs Volunteer

2.4. Federal Regulations

2.5. Star of Life

3. Welfare Abuse

3.1. State and Federal Guideline for Distribution

3.2. History

3.2.1. Increasing or decreasing?

3.3. How does the system get abused?

3.3.1. How much fraud? How compare with fraud in other entitlements How much contribute to debt>

3.4. Financial consequences

3.5. Ethical and legal aspects

3.5.1. Criminal penalties

3.5.2. undetected fraud--how much?

3.5.3. Legislation designed to combat?

4. HealthCare Paradigm Shift

4.1. Accountable Care Organizations

4.2. Advantages in HealthCare

4.3. Who benefits most? Patients or Providers