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US by Mind Map: US

1. The US constitution

1.1. Bill of rights

1.1.1. its the first 10 Changes in the constitution

2. Congressional oversight

2.1. its a kind of monitoring and controlling

3. Veto

3.1. u can "veto" a law

4. US Congress

4.1. Senator can be there for 8 yers

4.2. The Senate

4.2.1. is the other half of the government

4.3. The House of Representatives

4.3.1. is the half of the government

5. Politics

5.1. The Republican Party

5.1.1. its a conservative party

5.2. The Democratic Party

5.2.1. Judicial supremacy

5.2.2. its a liberal party

5.3. Representative democracy

5.3.1. its were you vote for a politician that you think could represent your political stance

5.4. The Presidency

5.4.1. is the president in us

6. Government

6.1. The federal government

6.1.1. United states 52 states that all combine a government

6.2. Tyranny of the majority

6.2.1. its were the government support the majority

7. Separation of powers (N)

7.1. Judicial activism

7.1.1. its when you think that judgments are based on personal opinion instead of legislation

7.2. US Supreme Court

7.2.1. its the one that can determine the federal law

7.3. Separation of powers

7.3.1. The legislature

7.3.2. The judiciary

7.3.3. The executive