The ADDIE Model

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The ADDIE Model by Mind Map: The ADDIE Model

1. Step 4: Implementation

1.1. Launch Course

1.2. Launch pilot course for final testing before assignment to public learners. Utilize LMS for tracking, feedback and assignment.

2. Step 2: Design

2.1. Outline Course Content and Delivery Details

2.2. Storyboard or prototype course content, initial test of overview, how and when and to whom will content be delivered.

3. Step 1: Analysis

3.1. Gather Information and Plan

3.2. Analyze the learner audience, goals, knowledge gaps and gain an understanding of who, what, when, where, why and how.

4. Step 3: Development

4.1. Create Course

4.2. Create courses using content outline from Step 2: Design. Add detail, graphics, color, and engaging interactivity to the course. Systematic testing of accuracy and utility (mechanics, navigation) should be done as well.

5. Step 5: Evaluation

5.1. Gather Feedback

5.2. Gather learner/user feedback regarding content, utility, and in relation to learning goals outlined in Step 1: Analysis. Generate and implement actionable changes and improvements to course.

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