Factors Affecting Email Reputation

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Factors Affecting Email Reputation by Mind Map: Factors Affecting Email Reputation

1. Content Reputation

1.1. Image hosting/link tracking domains in email body

1.2. HTML structure and email layout

1.3. Metadata (e.g. alt-text)

1.4. Trigger phrases in email content

2. IP Reputation

2.1. Double opt-in

2.2. Segmentation/Personalization of emails

2.3. User sunsetting policy

2.4. <0.1% spam complaint rate

2.5. Normal open/click rates

2.6. Consistent delivery speeds

2.7. Inbox Placement Rate

2.8. Gmail Postmaster score

2.9. High returnpath senderscore

3. Domain Reputation

3.1. DKIM/SPF/DMARC implementation

3.2. Return path domain

3.3. From domain

3.4. BIMI implementation

3.5. Presence of domain on blacklists

3.6. Use of sub-domains

3.7. Age and classification of domain