describing teachers

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describing teachers by Mind Map: describing teachers

1. what is teaching?

1.1. teaching as a methapor

1.2. democratic teaching

1.2.1. letting ss participate in decision making

1.2.2. culturally biased

1.3. autocratic teaching

1.3.1. controls everything

2. in the classroom

2.1. present a professional face

2.1.1. adopt a variety of roles to facilitate learning

2.2. roles of the teacher

2.2.1. resource provide info helpful and available

2.2.2. controller in charge of the class teacher fronted-classroom take register organise drills read aloud drawbacks less STT no access for ss to experiential learning

2.2.3. tutor combine prompter resource can work with individuals small groups

2.2.4. prompter encourage Ss to think creatively

2.2.5. participant join an activity as any other participant danger can easily dominate the proceeding

2.3. organising activities

2.3.1. engage

2.3.2. instruct

2.3.3. initiate

2.3.4. organise feedback

2.4. teacher as performer

2.4.1. depends on the kind of activity team game roleplay teacher reading aloud whole class listening

3. rapport

3.1. establish an appropiate relationship with our students

3.2. derives

3.2.1. students' perception the teacher as a good leader succesful professional well prepared experts of the subjects they are teaching

3.2.2. interaction with Ss recognising Ss listening to Ss respecting Ss being even handed

4. the teacher as teaching aid

4.1. mime and gesture

4.2. language model

4.3. provider of comprehensible input