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Intranet by Mind Map: Intranet

1. Notes

1.1. Lesson or Series Title

1.2. Goals of Each Lesson

1.3. Objectives

1.4. Reasoning

1.5. Content

1.6. Method of Instruction

1.7. Method of Evaluation

2. For business

2.1. For other organization, they often use intranet for their employees.

2.1.1. Viewing internal web pages (e.g. company calendars, etc.)

2.1.2. Internal e-mail and instant-messaging between workers

2.1.3. Sharing of internal documents

3. Often we have to installed a firewall to control access to data.

4. What is Intranet

4.1. An intranet is the name given to a private network that provides similar services to The Internet. Only for the users of the intranet

5. We can use this

5.1. Email

5.2. Webpage

5.3. Messaging

6. Intranet can be able to use the applications likes internet but it'll be faster to download the files or access the web page.