Moving to Internet Mind Maps for Mapping Community and Team Minds

A mind map to try to organize my thoughts on what i am looking for from a company like for community building via mind mapping and on-line hosting/collaboration.

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Moving to Internet Mind Maps for Mapping Community and Team Minds by Mind Map: Moving to Internet Mind Maps for Mapping Community and Team Minds

1. Individual

1.1. uses

1.1.1. Taking notes

1.1.2. Brainstorming

1.1.3. Writing Projects

1.1.4. Project Planning

1.1.5. GTD

1.2. reasons

1.2.1. Non-linear process

1.2.2. Visual thinker

1.2.3. Visual Output

1.3. tools

1.3.1. Pen & Paper

1.3.2. MindJet Mind Manager

1.3.3. FreeMind on Linux

1.4. Distribution

1.4.1. PDF

1.4.2. PDF via E-Mail

1.4.3. Scribd

2. Wants

2.1. Twitter Integration

2.2. rebranding

2.3. Sidecar pages for to-dos about the map

2.4. virtual team management

2.4.1. groups

2.4.2. off-line communications

2.4.3. notification of activity

2.4.4. Viewer requests for collaboration

2.5. Comments/reviewing on maps

2.6. open for anyone to add/modify

3. Community

3.1. uses

3.1.1. On-Line Collaboration

3.1.2. Live Note-Taking Community mind mapping During LiveStreaming

3.1.3. Community Building

3.1.4. Add Hoc Virtual teams Photoshoots Video Planning Net2 Projects Blog Entries

3.1.5. Thought Weaving with Twitter folk

3.2. reasons

3.2.1. Community Input is non-linear

3.2.2. Visual Reference Embed in Blogs Scribd Reference

3.2.3. Reference visual wiki?

3.2.4. Brainstorming

3.3. tools

3.3.1. Virtual Teams Groups of Users quick sign-up for collaborators

3.3.2. Non-concurrant communications twitter e-mail

3.3.3. twitter Invitations to map

3.3.4. Publication full-screen viewing Embedding into Blogs no-signup links (twitter)

3.4. Plus all of Individual

4. Needs

4.1. Import/Export MindJet

4.2. ease of adding team members

4.3. support for fluid teams

4.3.1. teams may be different each map

4.3.2. same team may be needed for more than one map

4.3.3. team needs to go from idea to working here very quickly