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LET IT GO by Mind Map: LET IT GO

1. Am I scared of it? Yes

2. Phi Mu

2.1. Who should I take to semi?

2.2. Milkshakes money

3. Work

3.1. Boss isn't giving me enough work

3.2. When she does give me work she doesn't explain how to do some of it

4. School

4.1. Still haven't got all my textbooks

4.2. Sort out late fee for graduation

4.2.1. Not sure why I would have to pay a late fee since I had to re-submit my application due to my advisor not changing my minor before the deadline, even though we had talked about it a long time ago.

4.3. Trying to get rid of a useless subject

4.3.1. I was in line to graduate fine but then, for some reason, one of my subjects didn't count anymore so I am required to take 19 hours. Which is bullshit. Feel like I have been completely screwed over by academic staff as they haven't checked this stuff.

4.4. Asking for money to pay my student bill

4.4.1. Awkward asking mum for money. If I had my own I would use it.

5. Golf

5.1. Am I going to continue playing after college?

5.1.1. Am I going to have time?

5.1.2. Am I going to enjoy playing or is it going to feel like a burden?

5.1.3. What are my options?

5.1.4. Is the reason I'm "giving up" because I don't see a point in playing? Why do I want to go to a tournament? To compete and play against others, to travel, to win, to play good again.

5.2. Why can't I just hit through driver? Am I scared? Can I just not get the feel of it? Am I not practicing it enough?

5.2.1. Why can I not get the feel of hitting through it with some conviction?

5.2.2. Am I not practicing it enough?

5.2.3. Simplify swing, go back to old old old swing thoughts, look at old old old swing videos, mimic those.

5.3. Constant build-up of confidence; something will start working and then something else will stop.

5.4. Not practicing how I want to/need to

5.4.1. See practice as fun and actually practice stuff I need to work on.

5.4.2. Can't practice in my own time because I can't get to the course. Well, practice another way? Go to the gym, workout, abs, cardio, get healthy.

5.5. Am I "not caring" because golf is now childish since I may not be playing while I'm at law school? Is my thinking that its time for real life, working towards finding a job in law, entering the real-world.

6. Other

6.1. Weightloss

6.1.1. Gym gym gym

6.1.2. No carbs, no sugar

6.1.3. 3 months to make a change

6.2. I'm excited to enter the real-world, move home, have my independence back, to actually do something that will help my career

6.3. Am I worried about finding a boyfriend? Not really. But it would be nice lol