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ElectroMagnetism by Mind Map: ElectroMagnetism
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Force on a moving charge

magnitude => F=BQvsinθ

direction FLHR

Analyse the direction of a moving charge by uniform electric field and uniform magnetic field

Velocity selector: Fe=Fa qE=Bqv v=E/B

Force between current-carrying conductors

Anaylse the forces due to magnetic fields of current-carrrying conductors

Perpendicular wires, No force experienced

Parallel Wires, Different direction: repel as the direction of magnetic field in between the two wires is the same and will be added together and repel the two wires, Same direction: attract as the direction of magnetic field in between the two wires is opposite to each other and cancels out

Force on a current-carrying conductor

magnitude: F=BILsin θ

direction: FLHR

Current balance experiment

to measure: magnetic flux density or magnetic field strength, B, the force exerted per unit length per unit current on a conductor placed perpendicularly to the magnetic field, units: Tesla(T)

Magnetic Fields due to currents

Permeability of free space µ0 = 4π×10−7 Hm-1

Right hand grip rule

Long straight wire

Flat circular coil

long solenoid