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What I've Learnt! -Term 1 by Mind Map: What I
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What I've Learnt! -Term 1


How to collect data and make a graph

How to make 'trend' statements



How to find the main idea.

Presenting the main idea - QNews

New vocabulary


Creating a picture in the readers head.

Great recounts include the W's and H.

Capitals, full stops and speech marks.

Formal letter writing

Visual language

How to make an effective poster

How to do sign language



Using strategies to add and subtract, using 10's and 1's, using tidy numbers, doubles, algorithms, Using these strategies in my head

Position / Orientation

Reading / using a compass

Using grid co-ordinates


Successful people have ...

...tool box

...small goals that lead to big ones

...mastered the H.O.Ms

...all their equipment

...lots of practise!

Are great learners

Give and get feedback

Reflect on their learning


Swimming - long legs, head down.

Ultimate - how to throw and catch a frisbee.


Te Reo

Saying my Mihi


Landscapes - How to draw what I see.

Drawing flowers


Being a part of a team

Native bush knowledge

Putting up and using a tent

Being independant

Digital Literacy

How to create a blog / efolio

Write an email

Write a post

Embed a third party application

Insert widgets / change themes

Record 'Voicethreads'

Participate in a 'Skype' meeting

Using research tools


Google Earth / Maps

Bike Safety

Road Rules

Riding skills