The Holocaust

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The Holocaust by Mind Map: The Holocaust

1. Who was involved?

1.1. Jews

1.2. Nazi Germany

1.3. Poles, Romani citizens, sick and disabled etc

2. How/ Where did it take place?

2.1. Concentration Camps

2.1.1. eg. Buchenwald

2.2. Ghettos

2.2.1. eg. Sighet

2.3. Extermination Camps

2.3.1. eg. Auschwitz

3. When did it take place?

3.1. 1933-1945

3.2. World War II

4. What happened?

4.1. Genocide

4.1.1. Deliberate and systematic mass killing

4.1.2. Six million European Jews

5. Why did it happen?

5.1. Hatred towards the Jews

5.2. The belief in a superior race

5.3. Nationalistic feelings to conquer