The Holocaust

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The Holocaust by Mind Map: The Holocaust

1. What happened?

1.1. Genocide

1.1.1. Deliberate and systematic mass killing

1.1.2. Six million European Jews

2. When did it take place?

2.1. 1933-1945

2.2. World War II

3. Why did it happen?

3.1. Hatred towards the Jews

3.2. The belief in a superior race

3.3. Nationalistic feelings to conquer

4. Who was involved?

4.1. Jews

4.2. Nazi Germany

4.3. Poles, Romani citizens, sick and disabled etc

5. How/ Where did it take place?

5.1. Concentration Camps

5.1.1. eg. Buchenwald

5.2. Ghettos

5.2.1. eg. Sighet

5.3. Extermination Camps

5.3.1. eg. Auschwitz