The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. A World Religion

1.1. Early Christian Church

1.1.1. Christians soon began to give their religion structure Bishop - Christian Priest, supervised several local chruches Peter was the first Pope - Head of the Catholic church

1.2. Constantine Accepts Christianity

1.2.1. in 312 A.D. Constantine was fighting three rivals for his title He marched to the Tiber river at Rome to battle his Chief Rival. in 313 A.D. Constantine announced an end to the persecution of the Christian People

1.3. Discord and Harmony

1.3.1. As Christianity grew disagreements about its beliefs developed The Church leaders called any belief that appeared to contradict the basic teaching a Heresy. In 325 A.D. Constantine decided to end the disputes and the the disorder they caused These teachings were expressed in the New Testament, which contained 4 Gospels, The Epistles of Paul, and other documents.

1.4. The Fathers of the Church

1.4.1. There were several early writers and scholars who have been called the Fathers of the Church. Augustine became Bishop in the city of Hippo in North Africa. One of Augustines most famous works is The City of God

2. Jews Come Under Roman Rule

2.1. Roman power spread to Judea in approx. 63 B.C.

2.1.1. At first, the Jewish kingdom remained independent Jews mounted a revolt against Roman power that lasted for around 10 years

3. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

3.1. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea in around 6-4 B.C.

3.2. Jesus' Message

3.2.1. AT age 30 began ministry Preached Stressed importance of people's love for god, their neighbors, their enemies and even themselves Taught used jewish tradition, Monotheism Supposedly performed Miracles Turned water into wine, walked on water, reversed blindness

3.3. Jesus' Death

3.3.1. Died at age 33, due to crucifiction. crucifiction is the hanging of one on a cross

4. Christianity Spreads Through Rome

4.1. Pauls Mission

4.1.1. Enourmous influence on Christinanity - was of the Jewish faith Wrote influential letters called Epistles Believed that christinanity should accpet all converts - those who have decided to convert from another faith.

4.1.2. An apostle - one of Jesus' 12 main followers

4.2. Jewish Rebellion

4.2.1. in 70 A.D. the Roman's stormed Jerusalem and destroyed the temple complex The Jewish Fortress Near Masada held out until 73 A.D. In 132 A.D. the Jews made another attempt to break free of the Romans

4.2.2. The dispersal of Jews is caled the Diaspora

4.3. Persecution of the Christians

4.3.1. Christians refused to worship Roman Gods in 64 A.D. there was a disasterous fire in Rome the Christians were responsible and thus persecuted Despite the persecution, Christianity became a powerful religous force