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Easter 2012 by Mind Map: Easter 2012
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Easter 2012

Best places to hide eggs

In the garden

In the house

How to paint eggs

Coloured eggs as a whole





Crochet eggs

Hard boiled eggs to eat

Cook the eggs at least 8-10 minutes in boiling water. Watch out that they do not crack or break.

Scooped eggs for decoration

Before blowing out the egg, wash it with a soft sponge.

First of all engrave a little hole with a needle on both sides of the egg. and allow it to dry.

Now enlarge the hole with a knitting needle at about 3mm and blow out the yolk and the albumen.

Out of that you can cook scrambled eggs. You should clean the inside of the egg as well

How to paint eggs

Clean the eggs with a mixture of warm water and vinegar and dry them after cleaning. This procedure causes that the colour stays on the eggshell

The eggs should be dry before you start painting

You can use artificial colours

Or you can use natural colours

Now paint your individual designs, symbols, images etc. on your egg

Don't touch the eggs a few hours so that they can dry

The meaning of the colours

Red symbolises the self-sacrifice death of Jesus

Yellow stands for the enlightenment and wisdom

White is the colour of pureness

Green stand for youth and innocence

Orange means force, endurance, ambition



Traditional food