Stubborn Pride

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Stubborn Pride by Mind Map: Stubborn Pride

1. Sophocles

1.1. Antigone

1.1.1. Written at a time of intense national fervor in the Greek world

1.1.2. Does not fall into political propaganda or contain any reference to events of the time

1.1.3. Only real connection to national pride is intense anti-anarchy undertone

1.1.4. Written before the other two plays in the series, although chronologically it was the third

2. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2.1. The Wreck Of The Hesperus

2.1.1. Inspired By The Blizzard Of 1839

2.1.2. The ship "Favorite" sunk of the coast of Main during this storm

2.1.3. All passengers died, including a young woman who washed ashore tied to the mast

2.1.4. Also a legend that says that he missed a steamboat in 1840 while discussing poetry; The boat he missed caught fire and all but 4 passengers died

3. Caravaggio

3.1. Narcissus was a character in a Greek myth

3.2. He fell in love with himself and drowned after falling into a lake while looking at his own reflection

3.3. Painted while the Artist was in Rome

3.4. Reflects the downfall stubborn pride in one's self can have on man

4. Effects Of Stubborn Pride

4.1. Over confidence in self

4.2. Bitter disappointment in failures

4.3. Denial of shortcomings

4.4. Alienation of those around you