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Acrylic_Forest by Mind Map: Acrylic_Forest

1. [Scene_1]

1.1. Jedd_Garet

1.2. Morning/[Theo_Theodoridis]/Greece...

1.2.1. Takes shower/pours himself a cup of coffee/carries cellphone to shower counter & kitchen counter {do not abbreviate the coffee dripping time...}; takes a sip... Breathes... {Make it a Zen moment...}

1.2.2. Dramatic Kitchen Interior Design by Alessi - Rustic and Ultra Modern combine

1.3. Cellphone rings

1.3.1. Artist_Client/[Jedd_Garet] Explains the story behind 'Letter_D' Painter_Brother_[Dana]


1.5. 7 min

1.6. [Scene_11]

1.6.1. Greece/[Willem_Dafoe] in his room glancing through Bulgarian magazines... Series of spread showing [Veslin_Boshnakov] & his [Apprentice]... First magazine displays the Studio photo showing [Veslin] coaching his young [Apprentice]... Another magazine displays the young [Apprentice] wearing Greek costume... Bulgaria/the photos should flip back & forth with the scenes of [Vincent_Gallo] taking those pictures from hidden corners... {Change clothes per photo...} [Willem_Dafoe]/Greece phones [Theo_Theodoridis]/Greece & expresses his dissatisfaction & suggests something more sexually appealing... [Theo]/Greece calls up [Vincent_Gallo]/Bulgaria to put on the costume right out of Fellini's [Satyricon] on [Apprentice]...

1.6.2. 10 min

2. [Scene_2]

2.1. Greece/[Theo_Theodoridis] getting dressed {stretch this scene from putting on underwear to tying tie, combing hair -- the whole nine yards...} & pls don't pre-select for the scene but duplicate the usual daily routine of picking out what should b worn on a given day meaning trying out a few different combinations etc....

2.1.1. Leaves his apartment

2.2. [Theo_Theodoridis] WALKING(1) down an alley...

2.2.1. Witnesses street fight [Willem_Dafoe] is getting mugged

2.2.2. [Theo_Theodoridis] chases the assailants away kicking them & punching them

2.2.3. [Theo] helps [Willem] get up [Willem] thanks [Theo]; hands him his bsnscard [Theo] gives [Willem] his bsnscard [Theo] reads [Willem]'s bsnscard Both men r Art_Dealers

2.2.4. [Theo_Theodoridis] invited to dinner

2.3. 15 min

2.4. [Scene_12]

2.4.1. Eve of Nude Session/Bulgaria... [Veslin_Boshnakov] phones his [Apprentice] that he will b doing inventory the next day, so he needs not show up at the Studio...

2.4.2. Nude Session... [Apprentice] had left his tool at the Studio, so he comes to the Studio on the day of inventory & sneaks up on the window & witnesses the Nude Session... [Johnny_Depp] watches from hidden corner the young [Apprentice] peeking through the Studio window while Nude Session is going on... Close-up on Johnny's face; he is apprehensive what is to follow...

2.4.3. 5 min

3. [Scene_3]

3.1. Fancy restaurant/Greece...

3.1.1. [Theo_Theodoridis] & [Willem_Dafoe] on a candle lit table

3.1.2. [Theo] showing [Willem] [Veslin_Boshnakov]'s 'Cross' on his Laptop Veslin_Boshnakov [Willem] mentions 'easy $5 million' via BLACK_MARKET [Willem] asks what [Theo] knows about the artist [Willem] suggests [Theo] scout [Veslin]'s private life

3.2. 5 min

3.3. [Scene_13]

3.3.1. [Johnny_Depp]'s room/Greece... [Johnny] twangs guitar... [Johnny] turns TV on -- Bulgarian channel... [Johnny] sits at the desk & surfs internet on his computer while TV blares news in the background... [Johnny] finds a post about [Lucifer]... [Johnny] has flashback to his prison days in Bulgaria when he read up on [Lucifer] that instilled in him the revulsion against money... August 2010 – Me and My Kindle His conviction to offset the wrong he had committed by having succumbed to the evil of money crystalizes as he reads down the article on Lucifer...

3.3.2. 10 min

4. [Scene_6]

4.1. [Theo_Theodoridis] riding train back to Greece after a visit with [Veslin_Boshnakov] in Bulgaria...

4.2. [Johnny_Depp] sits down across from [Theo_Theodoridis]

4.2.1. [Theo] compliments [Johnny]'s hat; [Johnny] in turn compliments [Theo]'s hat

4.2.2. A few minutes of train riding; looking out the snowy scenery

4.2.3. 💖The Secret Doors of Winterland ❄️ Estas Tonne@Warsaw ❄️ Poland ❄️ 2018 [HD] This is got to b Johnny... Or maybe Estas_Tonne...

4.2.4. [Johnny] takes out a pack of Chocolate_Balls, takes couple of the balls & passes the pack to [Theo]; [Theo] takes a few balls & returns the pack to [Johnny]

4.2.5. [Jack_Dorsey] enters scene pushing [Ice_cream] cart; [Theo] buys two ice_cream cones one for him & one for [Johnny]...

4.3. [Jonny] takes out vapor_pen & inhales; looks across at [Theo] & motions if [Theo] cares for it; [Theo] reaches out to take the vapor_pen

4.4. [Theo] flips his laptop screen & places the laptop on his lap with screen facing [Johnny]; screen shows [Veslin_Boshnakov]'s 'Cross'

4.4.1. [Johnny] leans forward to takes a close look at the image of the painting

4.4.2. [Johnny] asks what the painting is worth

4.4.3. [Theo] quotes the Black_Market price as 'Big_5'

4.4.4. [Johnny] motions 6 fingers

4.4.5. [Theo] suggests they go for sandwich at the diner section of the train

4.5. 10 min

4.5.1. [Scene_16] Greece... Secluded wooded part of town not too far from where [Theo] & [Johnny] live... It is late in the evening... 4 min

5. [Scene_4]

5.1. [Veslin_Boshnakov]'s Studio/Bulgaria...

5.1.1. [Veslin] is showing his [Apprentice] how to mix colors

5.1.2. [Theo_Theodoridis] enters the Studio

5.1.3. [Veslin] beckons [Theo]

5.1.4. [Veslin] introduces his [Apprentice] to [Theo] as a sculpture student [Apprentice] wants to show his [work-in-progress] to [Theo] & invites him to his house

5.1.5. [Veslin] says [Apprentice]'s father is his friend, a photographer, [Vincent_Gallo]

5.1.6. [Theo] & [Apprentice] leave the Studio

5.2. 6 min

5.2.1. [Scene_14] [Apprentice]'s house/Bulgaria... It is late in the evening & [Vincent_Gallo]'s son is not visible; Vincent looks out the yard, he is not there, Vincent checks his son's room, he is not there, Vincent goes downstairs to his wine cellar & there he finds his son sobbing after having emptied his dad's prized wine... [Vincent_Gallo] asks his son what is bothering him... Son tells his father about the Nude Session he witnessed... 3 min

6. [Scene_5]

6.1. [Apprentice]'s house yard/Bulgaria...

6.1.1. [Apprentice] shows [Theo] his [work-in-progress]

6.2. [Vincent_Gallo] comes out & invites [Theo] into the house for Lunch

6.2.1. Dining scene

6.3. 5 min

6.3.1. [Scene_15] [Johnny_Depp]'s room/Greece... [Johnny] is still engrossed with the story about [Lucifer]... TV blares the news about [Veslin_Boshnakov]'s murder... [Johnny]'s cellphone rings... 5 min

7. [Scene_8]

7.1. Beach/Greece...

7.1.1. [Theo_Theodoridis] & [Willem_Dafoe] WALKING(2) on beach [Willem] wants to hear how [Theo]'s trip to [Veslin]'s Studio went [Theo] tells [Willem] his meeting with the young [Apprentice] [Willem] instructs [Theo] to have a talk with the photographer, the father of the [Apprentice] to take series of photos of his son & the sculptor, [Veslin_Boshnakov]

7.2. 5 min

7.3. [Scene_Not_II]

7.3.1. Note: Art heist scene is not necessary... Things go wrong before they get around to steal the art work... [Johnny] apparently had a Revelation as he was reading up on [Lucifer]... He decides to give up the money...

8. [Scene_9]

8.1. Coffee Shop/Bulgaria...

8.1.1. [Theo_Theodoridis] is waiting for someone at a table...

8.1.2. [Vincent_Gallo] walks into the Coffee Shop & sits across from [Theo]

8.1.3. [Theo] talks [Vincent] into taking series of photos of his son & the Master_Sculptor, [Veslin_Boshnakov]

8.1.4. [Vincent] invites [Theo] to his house to drink some prize wine

8.2. [Vincent]'s house basement/wine_cellar

8.2.1. [Vincent] asks [Theo] if he has a partner

8.2.2. [Theo] tells [Vincent] about the Black_Market connection, [Willem_Dafoe]

8.2.3. [Vincent] asks [Theo] how he met [Willem]

8.2.4. [Theo] tells [Vincent] the street fight from which he rescued [Willem]

8.2.5. [Vincent] voices his suspicion on [Willem] Nonetheless [Vincent] agrees to the photo project idea

8.3. 10 min

9. [Scene_10]

9.1. Bulgarian Grocery Store...

9.1.1. [Apprentice] is glancing through the magazines from the cashier's line rack & finds photo of himself posing for [Veslin_Boshnakov] in Greek costume...

9.1.2. Traditional Greek Costumes {Well, Korean Hanbok from Yi_dynasty is a copycat of Chinese Tang_dynasty Hanfu…} US $75.0 |15 Designs Tang Dynasty High Waist Princess Ruqun Ancient Chinese Costume Hanfu Print Chiffon Hanfu for Photography Women|chinese costume hanfu|costume hanfu|chinese costume - AliExpress Hanbok Illustration | Korean illustration, Hanbok, Korean art

9.2. [Apprentice]'s house...

9.2.1. The young [Apprentice] shows the magazine spread to his dad...

9.2.2. [Apprentice]'s dad, [Vincent_Gallo] says the Art_Market spy is cooking up a story to raise the value of [Veslin_Boshnakov]'s paintings & tells to his son to go along...

9.3. 5 min

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11. [Scene_7]

11.1. This meeting between [Theo] & [Johnny] takes place on [Theo]'s trip back home after meeting with [Veslin_Boshnakov] & the young [Apprentice] -- on the train from Bulgaria to Greece...

11.1.1. [Johnny] & his band last performed in Bulgaria & he just got released from the prison in Bulgaria & is wearing the same clothes he wore when he was arrested & he is going back to where he met the band members -- in Greece {who by now have all dispersed}...

11.2. Diner section of train

11.2.1. [Theo] & [Johnny] sit at a table facing each other

11.2.2. [Theo] asks [Johnny] what line of work he is in

11.2.3. [Johnny] responds that his band broke up & he's been moving 'kilos' & he just did 8 years

11.2.4. [Theo] asks [Johnny] if [Johnny] wants [Theo]'s hat [Theo] & [Johnny] exchange their hats Camera zooms out as the two talk about the plan on Art_Heist...

11.2.5. 💖 Estas Tonne : "The Inside Movie"

11.3. [Scene_changes][Used_Car_Lot]

11.3.1. [Theo] is buying one Used_Car for [Johnny]; [Theo] lets [Johnny] pick one...

11.3.2. [Scene_changes][Used_Clothing_Store] [Theo] knows exactly where [Johnny] will find the kind of clothes he likes...

11.3.3. [Scene_changes][Pawn_Shop] [Theo] buys one used guitar for [Johnny]...

11.3.4. [Scene_changes][Apartment_hunting] [Theo] gives [Johnny] the key to a furnished room with PC & TV...

11.4. 15 min

11.4.1. [Scene_Not_I] 1 min There is actually a story to this image... ( ) had copies of other paintings by [Veslin_Boshnakov], but those have been removed & this one was left behind -- Y? This child must b an illegitimate child... Or born with physical deformity... This image is a testimony that Europe is not exactly what it 'pretends' to b -- the most advanced society on the planet Earth... American government offers money to those who will take care of abandoned children including those with physical deformity... How can this b a REALITY when the people that allow this phenomenon to exist boast going to MARS or spend $1trillion to go to Comet_67P? Is that U, Johnny? Could b Mindmeister... Interesting... ( ) though deleting the top thread causes all the sub_threads to disappear... No, like Twitter, the threads that were below the deleted thread hang on as though there exists some kind of a glue... That's interesting, because ( ) remember deleting the diaglog_box in the middle of a thread use to make the rest of the thread evaporate... That means Mindmeister fixed their glitch... Bravo~ Here is a suggestion, Mindmeister, y can't a FLOATING_ISLAND b constructed under the ten parallel threads like ( ) tried to do but couldn't? Is there a 'protocol' of a sort that FLOATING_ISLAND can only b constructed aligned to a specific row or something? That's a glitch, u know...