Media Theories

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Media Theories by Mind Map: Media Theories

1. Culture

1.1. Raymond Williams: 'cultural materialism'

1.1.1. emphasis on social need & political intention as significant to technological development

2. Technology

2.1. Cultural effects of technological developments: the way technology creates a new potential & possibility for human thought, expression, activity

2.1.1. Eric Havelock: writing made possible new modes of thought

2.1.2. Walter J. Ong: writing as a media technology

2.1.3. Elizabeth Einstein: Printing press as an agent of change in European culture

2.1.4. Jack Goody: writing, print, electronic media create different 'cognitive potentiality for human beings'

2.1.5. Pierre Levy: digital networking as latest intellectual technology to modify the 'intellectual ecology'

2.1.6. Marshal McLuhan: cultural significance of media lies in way it alters perception of world around us.

2.1.7. Brian Winston: pre-existing social formations in which technological developments occur

2.2. "characteristics of a society play a major part in deciding which technologies are adopted, and how they are implemented and controlled" (p.64)

2.3. Government regulation: seen with emergence of new media forms.

2.3.1. State has direct decision making powers: within any culture, some technologies can be developed or repressed

2.4. Idea that technology is neutral: 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'- political argument

3. Change: Social-cultural-technological

3.1. Is media changing to suit humans or are humans changing to suit media?

3.2. Behavioural change leads to changes in technology

3.3. Understanding the integration of technology into every day life

4. Ideas

4.1. media theorists

4.1.1. Marshall McLuhan 'the medium is the message'. all technologies are extension of man

4.1.2. Jean Baudrillard: reality has been hijacked theory of simulacra: 'hyperreal'

5. Media practices

5.1. Contemporary: radio, television, internet, mobile phone, e-reader etc.

5.2. New: Drone journalism, 3D Printing, Google Glass

5.3. Old: Stonehenge, printing press

6. Media archeology

6.1. new media changing our habits- old media is not gone yet (PacMan, Donkey Kong, Tetris

6.2. notion of old and new: new media remediates old media- nostalgia