Copy of Doggy Day Care SWOT Analysis

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Copy of Doggy Day Care SWOT Analysis by Mind Map: Copy of Doggy Day Care SWOT Analysis

1. Opportunities

1.1. Niche market of affluent yet time poor professionals, FIFO, DINK's, Retires and the Elderly

1.1.1. Increase in demand for Work/Life balance

1.2. Growth through additional staff

1.2.1. Potenial to Franchise

1.3. Strong customer base in target market

1.4. Greater earnings due to demographics of target market

1.5. Offering a unique variety of tailored packages; that cater to the needs of our client’s busy lifestyle.

2. Strengths

2.1. Fresh face on the market

2.1.1. Offer a higher quality service and product

2.2. Customer focussed, and love Dogs

2.2.1. Trained and motivated staff All staff have a Police clearance.

2.3. Start up costs low

2.3.1. Can work from home

2.4. Mobile business

2.4.1. New node

2.5. Market research

2.5.1. Client demographics

3. Threats

3.1. Competition

3.1.1. Already loyal client base

3.2. Oil prices increasing

3.2.1. increased cost on business

3.3. Increased cost of living

3.3.1. Lack of demand due to household budget cuts

3.4. Seasonality, weather effects, heavy rain or heat

3.5. Loss of income if sick, injured, or during holidays

3.6. Carbon Tax

4. Weaknesses

4.1. Lack of Exposure

4.1.1. New to Market place No reputaion or presence

4.2. Team of Staff members required

4.2.1. Selection and Training of Staff members

4.3. Lack of competitive strength

4.3.1. Cost of Advetising

4.4. Realiability of Data

4.5. Ongoing costs of maintaining customized vehicle

4.5.1. Ongoing costs of required stock

4.6. Lack of initial Cash Flow

4.6.1. Start up costs