Brainstorming Social Determinants of Health

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health by Mind Map: health

1. Analysis: He Got Tested For Coronavirus. Then Came The Flood Of Medical Bills.

2. Unemployment

2.1. due to no work means no money which means bills wont get paid.

2.2. Families losing homes

2.3. Unable to feed family

2.4. ‘Sudden Black Hole’ for the Economy With Millions More Unemployed

3. Income

3.1. Medical bills can't be paid if there's not enough income

3.2. Healthcare worker being put on furlough Stanford Health Care Workers Facing Mandatory Furloughs

4. Education

4.1. Limited resources of the knowledge

4.2. injections of Lysol

4.3. kids falling behind in school, having to repeat the year over

4.4. lack of education man pulls gun on women and daughter

5. Healthcare

5.1. Limited resources in healthcare

5.2. Article about nurse fighting for proper PPE

5.3. Quality of care


5.4. Access to healthcare services

5.5. Cost of Healthcare

5.6. people with Respiratory issues can be affected worse then the average with no respiratory history

6. Gender

6.1. Certain diseases impact a certain gender more than another


7. Age

7.1. The elderly being more prone to disease because of their weak immune systems as well as already having reoccurring medical conditions

7.1.1. For older adults, coronavirus can be more serious - UCHealth Today

7.1.2. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

8. enviornment

8.1. Safe housing

8.2. Social distancing Big risks associated with skipping masks, ignoring social distancing guidelines

8.3. safe/non safe environment

8.4. 3.08M Recovered 916K Deaths 214K Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths United States United States 1.03M 117K 58,412 Spain Spain 211K 103K 23,822 Italy Italy 202K 68,941 27,359 United Kingdom United Kingdom 161K - 21,678 Germany Germany 159K 110K 6,177 France France 130K 46,886 23,660 Turkey Turkey 115K 38,809 2,992 Russia Russia 93,558 8,456 867 Iran Iran 92,584 72,439 5,877

9. Food

9.1. Food and supplies are impacting a lot of the U.S when storage up the food and supplies but sometimes the storage and supplies are to be sometimes out of stock

9.1.1. Food Safety and Availability During the Coronavirus Pandemic

10. Transportation

10.1. Limitations being put on public transport and some even suspending it completely

10.1.1. To limit coronavirus risks on public transport, here's what we can learn from efforts overseas

11. Mental Heath

11.1. Depression, Loneliness

11.2. I found this video on YouTube of a healthcare worker talking about how she feels mentally during this pandemic.

12. Medical Bills

12.1. Due to the pandemic low wage or income of the families who does not have enough money or insurance to cover their bills to get check up or get admitted.

13. Health Behaviors

13.1. women pepper spays lady to keep her from riding same elevator

13.2. Since the outbreak people are scared, worried, and causing stressful and overwhelming situation of a strong emotions in adults and children which worsen mental and health problems


15. Johns Hopkins