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Markets by Mind Map: Markets

1. Assets/Positives

1.1. Bring people to town - promote local produce because it encourages entrepreneurs.

1.2. Road - Caledonian Park - land.

1.3. Gallery- Artform was an asset to the town.

2. Issues/Liabilities

2.1. Market is hidden in hall

2.2. Enhance the entrance to the hall to make it clearer that it

2.3. A more elaborate planned market area for Waipu.

2.4. Helen Francis has done drawings for the back of the hall.

2.5. Co-ordination between different markets.

2.6. Not enough variety.

2.7. Getting new stalls.

3. Stakeholders

3.1. visitors.

3.2. Organisers.

3.3. Tourists.

4. Artisans -Ideas/Projects/Plans

4.1. This is a Scottish village- there is nothing Scottish to be seen except a faded mural on the butcher and a handkerchief sized flag at the park entrance.

4.2. Weekly markets - as per Silverdale market to establish a regular outlet.

4.3. Scottish market theme.

4.4. Needs decent signs.

4.5. A Sunday market at least two times per month - it looks after quality.

4.6. Street paving

4.7. Small growers and boutique providers.

4.8. Local buyers.

4.9. Market could spill out onto the street

5. Market - Innovation/Initiatives

5.1. Have a Lemon Harvest Festival at Grahams lemon farm.

5.2. Annual (strawberry) picnic with growers and producers and strawberry wine and gorse flower wine.

5.3. Art trail.

5.4. Liaison between different groups i.e. Surf club and visiting groups.

5.5. Market stalls (outside) could be semi-permanent, with awnings - uniform colour.

5.6. A Bream Bay website to promote Waipu activities.

5.7. Provide marquees for stalls-as per Matakana.

5.8. Annual scarecrow competition.

5.9. Beach sculpture competition with good prizes.

5.10. Market should spill out in the street with buskers, street acts etc.

5.11. Umbrellas at the indoor caf

5.12. Set an ambiance by having awnings and/or pagodas in the hall to break up the trestle in the hall look.

5.13. Getting new stalls.