Design, Heritage, Conservation

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Design, Heritage, Conservation by Mind Map: Design, Heritage, Conservation

1. Assets/Positives

1.1. Museum

1.2. Highland Games

1.3. School

2. Issues/Liabilities

2.1. What about the murals

2.2. Clean river.

3. Stake Holders

3.1. Bream bay coastal care

3.2. Fairy Tern people

3.3. DOC

3.4. Community Businesses

3.5. Museum

3.6. Caly Society

3.7. Rugby Ground

4. Ideas

4.1. Standing stones or other sculptures at entrances from SH1.

4.2. Lighting at those entrances (Jill)

4.3. Waipu Road (SH1) turn off

4.4. Getting rid of power poles $1m/km N.T.

4.5. Gateway to Northland (AU)

4.6. View/Lookout on Brynderwyns. Place to market Northland. Add Waipu

4.7. To link beautiful view with entrance to waipu, repeat a powerful sculpture at crest of Brynderwyns, South entrance, North entrance - Visuals (Patsy)

4.8. Promote the sign :One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

4.9. Main Road entrances, lined with a common tree.

4.10. Check out

4.11. Stainless steel thistle on Litter bins in street

4.12. Put a metal Thistle sculpture in town. (Jill)

4.13. Sculpture that defines Waipu. Entrances. Streets.

4.14. Caledonian Games (big time) need more clans and bands plus sponsorship.(Lorraine)

4.15. Caledonian park needs to be opened more to the township

4.16. Caledonian Park entrance too severe and unwelcoming.

4.17. Heavy stone and gates block off a good facility. You are isolated once you come into the park.

4.18. Village Square opened in entry to Caledonian park

4.19. Build the Celtic Barn in the Caledonian park

4.20. Have courtyard

4.21. Grass in some car parks behind the monuments

4.22. Possibly take away the chain fence as well.

4.23. Heritage Square

4.24. Church Bells

4.25. Masonic Lodge.Glebe development into heritage village.

4.26. Re-vamp the Op shop building

4.27. Prune the lower branches of trees in little park beside Church Hall

4.28. "Re-jig

4.29. Co-ordinated paint scheme. Ask Resenes. Refer visuals. (Think Tank/Patsy)

4.30. Each shop to adopt tartan

4.31. Tartan Flag/Lamp poles sponsored by clans.

4.32. Tartan santa along highway in all his aspects

4.33. Tartan street signs for road names

4.34. Theme

4.35. Better signs with Scottish themes see visuals (Sue Welford)

4.36. Tartan Tree see visuals (Sarah, Think Tank)

4.37. More tartan along main street.

4.38. More Dan Mills murals (Sandra B)

4.39. Murals town like Chemanus in Vancouver (Margaret)

4.40. Make more of boat club area and that area along river

4.41. Heritage boats using river.

4.42. Walkway