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COAST by Mind Map: COAST
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Coastal Erosion

removing materials from the coast.

Agents, Current, Flow of water, Horizontally, Vertically, Waves, Rise and falling movement on water surface, Wind energy, Speed, Fetch, distance over wind blows across open waters, Swash, waves behind pushing, Backwash, fall back due to gravity, High energy- destructive, Low energy- constructive


high,steep rock surface

rocky coast repeatedly eroded

Shore platform- gentle sloping at base of the cliff

Land which adjoins and merges with the sea.

Coastal Transportation

transporting materials along coast


Long-shore current


Long, narrow ridge of sand

Attached to mainland

Protruding into the sea

Deposition reach bend or bay, encounting shallow water


Extension of coastline

Coastal Deposition

Depositing materials on the coast

Low-energy wave

Long-shore current



Headlands & Bays

Different resistance rock, Erosion, Uneven coastlines

More resistant rock protrude into the sea, Headlands, Bending of waves - Refraction, concentrates on headland, weakening along the bay