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(make your own) Mind Map by Mind Map: (make your own) Mind Map
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(make your own) Mind Map

experiment with mind mapping

As you experiment, the advantages become obvious. Mind mapping allows you to start quickly and generate more ideas in less time; you'll find that thinking, working and problem solving become a lot more fun.


Outlines tend to look the same, but every mind map is different. The greatest advantage of mind mapping is that by nurturing your individual self-expression it guides you to discover your own vision. Regular practice of mind mapping will help you to become an "inventore."


Begin with a blank canvas, with the color palette open. ALthough you can make mind maps anywhere and on anything, using mindmeister opens you also to collabporating on your mind maps. Start with a topic in mind, say Love, and start by visualizing a represntative word or image (attach as needed); don't worry about how appropriate the representation is, just keep moving by hitting the Tab button and growing your map with radiating strands of thought. You can re-arrange these words/thoughts, re-attach where you think they belong, but keep generating branches of thought. If you become stuck, type out a word, any word, to keep the associations coming, and again, don't worry if it's "correct" just now.

take a look, v.2

practice, repeat