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Prejudice by Mind Map: Prejudice

1. Atticus Finch

1.1. Prejudiced by associations

1.1.1. People judge him based on what they believe about his client Regardless of the truth

1.1.2. He is called horrible names for the way his children behave

1.2. Different

1.2.1. Hard working man Does not give up on cases or his children in the face of adversity. Even when times are hard Atticus continues to work hard and provide a positive role model for his children. He teaches them for this experience about how people can behave and tries to educate them about how to deal with misguided prejudice. Especially when times are hard Atticus is a loyal father and lawyer. He protects To. For being lynched even at the cost of his own well being. He could have easily let the case come to an early conclusion and saved himself and his family the social prejudice they later face.

1.2.2. Stands up for his beliefs Atticus knows that Tom needs someone to defend him as he is innocent. Atticus needs to defend Tom for him to get the fairest Trial. He knows that he is one of the best lawyers I the county and that he is well respected and liked by the people of Maycomb. It stands to reason that Atticus will win. However reason deserts the people of Maycomb when they succumb to their misguided beliefs. Their racism robs them of their common sense. Knows right from wrong and is willing to stand up for what is right.

1.2.3. Raises his family the way he sees fit Lets Scout be as she wants to be despite what others might say. He does not make her conform in her choices, but reprimands her if she does wrong. Gives Jem advice on being a gentleman and holds him accountable for his actions. Atticus does not tell his kids how to be, rather he gives them examples to work through until they find a solution. He encourages talking about issues. Atticus teaches them through example and expectation. This makes them responsible for their Own actions and choices. It makes them far more mature in their attitudes towards others. We might see this in part as Atticus not having enough times to spend with his children, seeing that he is a solo parent. But he does a far better job raising them by our modern standards than many of the other children in the novel.

1.2.4. Stands outside of societal norms for 1930's Maycomb By standing outside of the norms of society, Lee is giving us someone who we can understand in a different time period. As much as Lee wanted readers to understand the 1950's and 1960's and the racial prejudices, this text has spanned many generations. Studying it in 2012, we can bring new understanding to the social prejudice in the text. In our current times, social isolation and castration is dreaded most of all. Atticus' actions can be seen in a different light in the modern world as being especially brave. We can easily move on if we are cast out by our social circles or communities. Atticus had no such recourse, he could not simply move away from the problem. Whereas today we can find almost any set of beliefs shared in acommunity an few can locate it in a matter of seconds on the Internet. Atticus was literally stuck in Maycomb due to the great depression an date prohibitive cost of travel and relocation.

2. Scout

2.1. Curious

2.1.1. Wants to know the why of things

2.1.2. Gets involved with things which have nothing to do with her

2.2. Prejudiced Because of Atticus

2.2.1. Sins of the father Scout is judged by others preconceived ideas rather than her own actions. People in Maycomb have an idea and they cling to it. Even though Atticus has done nothing wrong in our eyes, he is still judged by the people of Maycomb. He is following what most people judge to be the correct course of action, therefore he has to be wrong. This highlights for us the danger in following popular opinion and gives us a clear example of the evils which can be permitted through consensus.

2.2.2. People will attack her instead of Atticus This is a reflection of attitudes of 1930's Maycomb and shows us just what sort of people we are dealing with. If Atticus is doing something so wrong why can people not tell him to his face, why are his children treated so badly for something they have not done? Scout and Jem are easy targets that cannot strike back or effectively stand up for themselves. Lee is proving to us that the people of Maycomb are truly cowards in the face of Atticus' selfless bravery and courage.

2.2.3. Association leads to prejudice

2.3. Different

2.3.1. Does not like to wear girly clothes

2.3.2. Acts like a tom-boy

3. Tom Robinson

3.1. Black

3.1.1. Pre-judged

3.1.2. Not part of society

3.1.3. Stigmatiser

3.2. Presumed guilty

3.2.1. Past crime brought up with no relevance Tenuous example given of previous conviction

3.2.2. Word of white vs black Even in the face of clear evidence Automatic qualification of truth in 1930's Maycomb

3.3. A good man

3.3.1. Essentially was trying to help someone

3.3.2. Association with Atticus shows qualities

4. Who

4.1. What

4.1.1. • Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), using supporting evidence. Show convincing understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), using supporting evidence. Show perceptive understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), using supporting evidence. Perceptively Convincingly

4.1.2. Explain