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Literature review by Mind Map: Literature review

1. What is a literature review?

1.1. support and synthesize ideas of others

1.2. handy guide to a particular topic

1.3. it differs from an annotated bibliography

1.4. focus on ideas not on books

2. 1-problem formulation

2.1. narrow your topics

2.2. Construct a working thesis statement


3. 2-literature search

3.1. how many sources?

3.2. which types?

3.3. information currency

3.4. identification of key papers/books/sources

4. 3-data evaluation

4.1. information currency

5. 4-analysis and interpretation

5.1. structure

5.1.1. introduction the nature of the topic under discussion the parameters of the topic the basis for your selection of the literature

5.1.2. body cronological thematical methodological classic texts current mainstream versus alternative definitions in use current research and discoveries

5.1.3. conclusions A summary of major agreements and disagreements A summary of general conclusions

5.2. writing

5.2.1. use evidence

5.2.2. be selective

5.2.3. use quote sparingly

5.2.4. summarize and synthesize